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An updated edition of the Samsung Galaxy S II released in 2013 identifiable by the model number GT-I9105/P.

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using usb cable my phone keep on charging

i need to transport some files to my laptop via usb cable but my phone is not shown as connected

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First of all try to make sure your USB Cable is working properly by connecting another phone . You might have a problem with the USB bridge of your phone but I would be surprised . It's probably an issue with the cable

Else thing you can do , Try to restart your computer and your phone most cases this procedure would resolve your problem

Hope I helped

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THANKS Bassel for answering me my usb cable is new and in good condition


In order to know what's going wrong here's what you need to do

First of all , connect the USB Cable to the wall and connect your phone . If you see that your phone is charging that means both of your USB Cable and your USB phone input are working properly . Second , download your Phone model driver from internet and install it . then restart your computer . Restart your phone and try to connect it again ,if it still don't recognize your phone , try to update your computer. Sometimes updates are blocking . Try also using another computer if you can . Hope I helped


Actually sorry , I just realized that you said that when you connect your phone it keeps on charging that means your cable and your impute are working fine . All what you need to do is to install the proper driver and restarting your computer . If it still don't recognized it , you need to change your cable . It's pretty hard to explain but even if your USB cable is working fine , sometimes it leads to issues like this


Thanks a lot i will do all those precedures


here's a link of drivers click under the gray button ( the first one from list )


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