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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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Oil on floor under washer

I find oil on the floor under my washer. Is the only part that can leak oil the motor?

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Here's an answer from eHow:

If oil is spilling in drops or puddles underneath the washing machine, then try removing the front cover of the washer and looking for the transmission system, which has a belt and clutch assembly that runs the machine. If this is wet with oil, you probably do have a leak. In this case, the only option is to replace the transmission. This can be much more difficult than it sounds. First, this problem is typical with older, discontinued washers, and there is a good chance you will not be able to find a transmission system to replace your leaking version. Second, if you do find one, replacing the transmission in a washing machine is very expensive, and repair people will suggest that you simply replace the washer with a new version.

If you want to buy some time, you can try removing the belt and cleaning it with a degreaser, removing all the oil and then allowing it to fully dry before you use it again. If you have a real leak, this fix will last for only a short time, so be prepared to deal with the faulty transmission again. If you have no puddles on the floor and only a light amount of oil in the water when you wash, this could solve the problem for a longer period of time, but you can expect to develop more serious leaks later on.

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This may be true for certain washers, but not all. I have an old Kenmore model 110 that does not use a belt. It uses a gear box that is relatively simple to pull out. The motor has a replaceable coupler that joins it to the gear box / transmission. On mine, the seal behind this replaceable coupler was slowly leaking. I was able to order a replacement seal for around $15. I was able to replace the seal without opening the gear box. I’d suggest replacing the coupler at the same time. You can buy parts from Amazon or from (which includes videos of how to disassemble, repair and reassemble your specific machine).


What if there is grease in the tub? I've been getting grease stains on my clothes. I see a small amount of grease on the bottom of the tub.


Hello Frank,

I am having the problem where the oil is getting splattered (spray pattern) just during spin cycle. The washer is also very noisy during spin cycle. the clothes inside is fine, no oil on them. Does this sound like the problem you were having? If so are there any instructions on replacing the seal and coupler? Thanks


That’s what is happening to me too. Haven’t investigated further yet


Frank, thank you for the info, my washer is doing the same thing with oil splattering underneath, I went to the parts site referenced, and there is nothing on their spec sheet labeled “seal” or “coupler” so I’m having troubles finding what parts to order to fix this. Do you know the specific names of the parts you ordered as they are referenced on

Or to Kevin or bill, did you find the fix to your washer with the same problem?

I am desperate to figure this out as I had to cut my door frame and reconstruct to fit the washer in my laundry room and I really don’t want to reverse that process to buy a new washer.

Thank you in advance for any help


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