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Repair and disassembly guides for Apple Time Capsule wireless network devices.

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Why does my MyBook HDD fail to download files?


What i wanted to do. I have a Time Capsule, connect a external HDD to it, download some movies, and watch it on my Macbook, wireless.

Funny enough it does not work. The HDD can download 1 movie for example, not fast but it runs, when i'm adding a second movie to download the HDD stops and the download program jams. I have to reboot MacBook completely.

I can open previous movies and i can watch them (wireless), but downloading seems to be a problem.

I run the downloading program from the MacBook, from here it goes wireless to the TC.

Is the wireless part a problem? Is the HDD the problem?

The HDD is Mac formatted.

When connecting HDD direct on MacBook no problem at al.

I'm lost. Can you guys help me?


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could be you're running out of bandwidth - I find during time machine backups my access to the harddisk(s) on the time capsules, as well as my web access is VERY slow. try download onto your local harddisk and then transfer

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HD access is very slow that's true. I'll use your option because i think it's still the best one so far, but it's not what i had in mind.


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Make sure you have the latest firmware as I knew someone who's time capsule didn't work at all until he got the firmware.

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Firmware is up to date.


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