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How do I diagnose a short?


I have an iphone 4s that had some water damage. I'm new to repair, but I'd like to do what I can. I

Basically, I can charge it, but it drains quickly and twice it's killed a battery when the battery got low. It's a little warm on the silver plate that is near the rear camera. I ordered a new rear camera, but how do I know if that's what's causing the short? What if it's something else? What can I do to figure it out?

Any advice at all would be great.

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Bree, you may not have any corrosion (yet) but you may have some short circuit. The very first thing I suggest is to start off by cleaning the logic board properly and replacing the battery re-evaluate after that. Use this guide to clean your iPhone. It was written for a 3G but all the points apply to your phone as well. These guides will help you disassemble your phone. Check for broken, missing or charred components.This is a must before anything else.

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Hi, In case anyone wondered: I took my phone apart, there wasn't any corrosion or water evidence EXCEPT for... the phone was getting hot in the upper right hand side, (opposite side from rear camera.) I looked around and the water indicator sticker was DARK BRIGHT RED. Whoops. So I bought a new headphone jack and was going to replace it... AND THEN I accidentally tore the power cable. So had to replace that, too. I've ordered a new battery. Hopefully without the headphone jack shorting it out, it might actually last longer than 4 hours.

Anyway. In case anyone wonders, I couldn't find 99% alcohol. But I did find 91% and that seemed to be fine.

Have a great day!


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I'd take the logic board out and check it thoroughly for dark spots and corrosion. Have you soaked your logic board in isopropyl alcohol yet?

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Okay, I'll do that! Thanks for the advice. :-)

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