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The eMac was an all-in-one G4-based Mac designed for the education market and released in April 2002. It was the last Mac to use a CRT display and was sold at a low price to schools and other institutions.

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Can I install a super drive at home?

How hard is it to install a super drive in my eMac. i need to burn dvd's so i want to install a Samsung 222 NBLS. Is this possible and will it work? Do you have a manual showing how to install?

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Here's how to do it with pictures:

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Had a problem with the link but when I worth the effort for the information. Ralph +


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proper link to the manual:

Pay attention when disconnecting power switch, use sheet of paper to take notes about locations of the screws (there are a lot of them), and have at least 2h of time, as you're going to disassembly almost whole computer.

Good Luck

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