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Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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need a iMac replacement screen

iMac Intel 21 5 EMC 2544

i dropped the computer but cant find a replacement screen. what can i do to get the screen replaced besides taking it to a apple store..... its 3 hours away

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This may be best left to Apple as it is so new. Here's some direct quotes from the iFixit teams teardown:

Smontaggio iMac Intel EMC 2544 21.5"

Step 4

We begin to strum away at the adhesive holding the display assembly in place.

Unlike in the previous iMac, this glass is held in place with more than magnets.

To our dismay, we're forced to break out our heat gun and guitar picks to get past the adhesive holding the display down.

EditStep 5

With the iPad-like adhesive severed, we bust out the heavy-duty stuff.

Repair faux pas alert! To save space and eliminate the gap between the glass and the pixels, Apple opted to fuse the front glass and the LCD. This means that if you want to replace one, you'll have to replace both.

The fused display may look awesome, but at what cost, Apple? At. What. Cost!?

The cost is quickly apparent: cutting open the display destroys the foam adhesive securing it shut. Putting things back together will require peeling off and replacing all of the original adhesive, which will be a major pain for repairers.

EditStep 6

We were fairly surprised to see that the new iMac's LCD sports the same model number as last year's—LM215WF3 from LG—even though the LCD is 5 mm thinner.

If it's the same, why is it smaller? We surmise that Apple took all the same pieces of the LCD and crammed them into a smaller housing.

Here's the part from China without the glass, please note the $48.00 shipping costs.

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So what do we do about the glass part? Do we have to tear it out from the old one ?


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I have found a supplier that ships the complete screen glass combo without glue strips,

from Shenzhen OJET Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. out of Hong Kong

here's the link:

I just ordered my glue strips/kit and other tools, and have yet to install it

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