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Seconda generazione di iPhone. Modello A1241/8 o 16 GB di memoria/plastica posteriore bianca o nera. La riparazione è più semplice rispetto al primo iPhone. Richiede l'uso di cacciaviti e strumenti di leva e distacco con ventose.

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iPhone 3G freezes at startup


got an Iphone 3g 16g here which is stuck at the Apple logo.

First it showed me the icon to charge the Phone, so I connected it to my computer. After a few minutes the Phone tried to boot up but it got gets stuck at the Apple logo. It doesn't reboot and the worse: it doesn't respond to any buttons.

So going into recovery or DFU mode seems to be impossible. Itunes doesn't recognize the iPhone.

The buttons are 100% working and i cant even do a hard reset. The phone just keeps showing the logo until the battery is empty again.


It shows the Logo for a long time and after a while i get a white screen for <1 seconds and it reboots but still the same issue.

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Okay as I told you the iPhone restarts after ~10 min.

I tried to keep the home and power buttons pressed until it restarts and it worked. I was able to turn the Phone off with a hardreset but somehow I couldn't manage to get it into DFU mode by pressing hard reset 10 seconds and then only home button 15 seconds.

When i try to get the Phone now into the resetloop again, it shows me after the first restard, that the battery is empty.


How long does it take until the battery empties if you just leave it?


I don't know. I had it connected to the Charger for the last four hours. Before that four hours I just charged it until it shows the Apple logo.

What i noticed:

When connected to the PC I can't do the reset loop (holding power and home button all the time), so i can't get into DFU.

The interesting thing is, that it is possible do a hard reset when it's NOT connected to the PC.

Connected -> Reset NOT possible

NOT connected -> Reset possible

Tried to get into DFU while the Phone was not connected, but it didn't work. It seems to have to be connected to the Computer to get into DFU.

Tried also to hold the homebutton and connect it to the PC but it didn't help anything. It just enters the bootloop.

I bought this iPhone intenionally and it was declared as faulty. I just wanted to have a cheap iPhone since im pretty good at doing hardware repairs to apple products.

The seller descirbed, that the iPhone got the Apple logo and didn't boot up anymore, so he took it apart and then it didn't do anything anymore.


I opened it and saw that he just didn't reconnect the connectors 1, 2 & 3. He also damaged connector 3. I slided the ribbon cable carefully back into it's place, even though the connector was damaged. Then I connected the rest of the display assembly and it got the described boot loop.

May a faulty connected ribbon cable in connector 3 cause any of these things?.

Is there another (Hardware)way to get the Phone into DFU mode?

Getting it into DFU with the buttons seems to be impossible.

Getting it into DFU with redsn0w and DFU firmware is also impossible because it needs to flash the firmware, but since my computer doesn't evnen recognize the iPhone you can't flash any firmware.

I saw a guy on Youtube getting his Phone into DFU by holding a small piece of aluminum foil on the top right corner of his iPhone with its display removed but this is to unsecure for me.


If I remember correctly #3 connects the ear speaker and proximity sensor to the motherboard. Having this disconnected will cause the phone to not recognize when your phone is close to your face (causing you to push buttons while talking), and/or it will cause the earpiece to not function.


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Hi, i always have problem with putting phone in dfu. Try this link, follow the video posted there and follow the timing stated. With some luck, you may be able to boot into dfu and do a recovery to factory default via itunes. Dont ask me why i cant count the seconds, am either too fast or too slow... :p Good luck.

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Finally figured out the problem. The homebutton didn't work and i figured it out by holding a 6.8k Ohm resistor on the contacts on the dock connector. Then simple DFU and restore. :)

I thought both buttons are working because i could do a hardreset when it was unplugged.


Glad you got it working!! It may have worked but just that it may need more pressure? I have seen 3g n 3gs-es having the home button issue where the golden tips are depressed or out of shape. Just a bit more (or a whole lot more) pressure sometimes helps. But not a perm solution though.. :P To fix the golden connectors you may refer to guide link: iPhone 3G Home Button Replacement

and probably consider buying a new home button assembly. :)


Nope, tried bending the little contacts and even measured the resistance of the button while being pressed. It didn't change, so there must be dust in the button or some other issue. Pressing hard didn't work too. Ordered already a new Button, LCD and FPC 3 connector :)


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The 3g is an old phone and if it has been recently updated with newer software its likely in overload mode. I would try and sell it and find something a little newer.

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then the person who purchases it will ask the same question, then you ask that question again. and again and again an again


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