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Canon's third iteration of their long-lens point-and-shoot camera design. Originally released in February of 2006.

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My zoom is slow, labored, and frequently gives a "lens error" response

If I use the zoom function on my camera, it usually moves very slowly and makes a chuggish sound. Usually it then beeps, turns off (does not unzoom) and gives a "lens error" message on the screen. The slow movement does not always result in a lens error, and sometimes the zoom moves quickly and then gives an error anyway, but usually it moves badly and then turns off. If I do not use the zoom, the camera does not have any other problems.

I suspect that either the motor is old or it needs to be cleaned, but I do not know how to do this.

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Megan, it does sound like your lens is giving out on you. I uploaded the service manuals on the device page right here. Check for the heading Service Documents. This should get you to a point where you can clean and degrease your lens with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Hope this helps, good luck

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Hi Megan, there is an eBay seller that fix Canon S2, S3, S5 and other SX models with lens error.

here is the link in case you need:

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