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Aggiornamento della memoria RAM del MacBook Pro Unibody da 13" versione fine 2011.

  1. Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011, Case inferiore: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Rimuovi le dieci viti seguenti:

    • Tre viti con testa a croce Phillips #00 da 14,4 mm

    • Tre viti con testa a croce Phillips #00 da 3,5 mm

    • Quattro viti con testa a croce Phillips #00 da 3,5 mm con spallamento

    • Quando sostituisci le viti più piccole, allineale perpendicolarmente alla lieve curvatura del case (non vanno giù verticalmente).

    How much weight can I save by removing the optical drive?

    gunes314 - Replica

    You can save a lot of weight if lets say your installing a solid state drive or putting in a second hard drive but if you know that you use the CD/DVD disc drive a lot then you might just want to leave the drive alone.

    Marshall WahlstromHelgren -

    Tip: Use one of those weekday pill holders to have a cheep way to store screws you remove and each day of the week can be for different sizes or parts. It has been handy to have (much less expensive than the magnetic mat.

    Robert Wacker - Replica

    Hello, where can I buy the screws I need in case I lose one of them?

    taylornya - Replica

    I have one stripped screw... How opening without drill it?! Any suggestions please?

    rodrigosady - Replica

    I also stripped a couple screws. I wasn’t able to open it up without drilling. After drilling the heads and removing the cover it was easy to hacksaw the tip and unscrew with a standard driver.

    Michael Wilkens -

    My top tip - make sure you buy good quality Phillips screwdrivers and a magnetic holder. Cheap screwdrivers won’t get the screws undone safely. Without a magnetic holder you have no chance of getting the tiny crews in and out safely.

    jeremyyoung - Replica

    A good Phillips 00 is your friend here. Also, when reinserting the screws, gently start anticlockwise and you wil feel a click at the start of the thread. This tells you you’re in the right place and less likely to cross-thread through force in the wrong place.

    Iain Boyd - Replica

    I feel like these are 000 screws. Amazon sales describe them as such and my 000 screwdriver fits better

    cam2000deluxe -

    Before ordering a new Trackpad remove the existing battery and try clicking the Trackpad. If it clicks OK with the battery out the source of problem is likely a swollen battery, which should to be replaced even if it still works to some degree. From the side of the battery you will likely see the soft part of the battery bulging beyond the hard case.

    Patrick Langvardt - Replica

    That’s absolutely correct as I can testify. With the battery removed I also adjusted the T6 set screw that adjusts the sensitivity of the trackpad click, evidently someone had cranked mine down tighter than the factory setting.

    Gary Register -

    Le quatrième paragraphe dans les instructions en français n’est pas correct : ce ne sont pas les 2 petites vis, mais les 7 petites vis qui sont inclinées. Et les 3 grandes sont bien verticales.

    Degeorges - Replica

    Bonjour ! Merci de votre observation. J’ai corrigé la traduction. iFixit étant un wiki, n’hésitez pas à modifiez si vous remarquez une erreur :) Encore merci de votre attention et à bientôt !

    Claire Miesch -

    Tip: if you have a magnetic screw mat or similar, lay the macbook over the mat to make sure it catches any screws that may decide to fall of and hide under your table

    Moritz - Replica

  2. Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011: passo 2, immagine 1 di 2 Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011: passo 2, immagine 2 di 2
    • Usa le dita per rimuovere il case inferiore dal corpo del MacBook, in prossimità della presa d'aria.

    • Rimuovi il case inferiore.

  3. Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011, Connessione Batteria: passo 3, immagine 1 di 2 Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011, Connessione Batteria: passo 3, immagine 2 di 2
    • Usa l'estremità di uno spudger per rimuovere il connettore della batteria dal suo zoccolo sulla scheda logica.

    • Potrebbe essere utile fare leva verso l'alto su entrambi i lati del connettore, per agevolarne l'estrazione.

    Is this step of removing the battery connector required?

    manodh - Replica

    yes - as with disassembly of any electronic component you have to remove any power source. You don't want to accidentally turn the Mac on

    khull -

    Prying the battery connector off does not take much force. I did exactly what the guide suggested (walked it off back and forth) with the spudger without any problems. Just be very gentle, much like with anything inside laptops, they are very fragile and need to be worked with carefully. A+ instructions, battery replacement was a success.

    aekinaka - Replica

    Be patient on disconnecting this one. It worked for me step by step, little by little.

    Phil Wagner - Replica

    I used the nails of thumb and pointer finger simultaneously - worked pretty fine

    Reinhard Kaune - Replica

  4. Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011: passo 4, immagine 1 di 1
    • Piega leggermente il cavo della batteria per allontanarlo dal connettore femmina sulla scheda logica, affinché non venga collegato accidentalmente durante le operazioni.

    I put some tape between the connector and socket while working on the drive.

    Stephen Smith - Replica

    That's a good tip

    Anrothan -

    Great tip, I did that too

    Ahmed Mahran -

    One other note: The screw heads fit flush with the curvature of the case -- which means that they aren't exactly horizontal. In other words, they aren't perpendicular to the table that the computer is resting on. Don't try to force them straight in vertically, because you'll risk cross-threading them. (nearly ruined one screw hole myself!)

    lelandjordon - Replica

    On my MacBook Pro, the connector seems to be an integral part of the battery.

    Jerry South - Replica

    I suspect it’s just like the special screwdriver required for seatbelts on cars – to discourage regular consumers from attempting repairs. Of course, this only encourages consumers to use the wrong tool to attempt to repairs

    colleenthompson - Replica

  5. Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011, RAM: passo 5, immagine 1 di 2 Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011, RAM: passo 5, immagine 2 di 2
    • Tira le due linguette di fissaggio della memoria RAM dal centro del modulo.

    • Il modulo di memoria RAM dovrebbe sganciarsi leggermente dal connettore.

  6. Sostituzione memoria RAM MacBook Pro Unibody da 13", versione fine 2011: passo 6, immagine 1 di 1
    • Estrai il modulo RAM dalla sua sede.

    • Ripeti la procedura per rimuovere il secondo modulo RAM.

    After replacing the RAM my macbook did not start anymore. Only if I take out one Ram it works. Does anyone knows why.

    joelcroese - Replica

    Hello Joelcroese, have you a issue about your problem, because i have actually this problem ? ... Thanks for your feed back.

    Remy Duprat -

    Make sure both your RAM chips are running at the same speed - don't know about the Macbook but it will cause other machines to not recognize the RAM at all or only pick up one stick -

    melindaruth -

    Is the channel configuration of your ram sticks correct? Mac needs 9-9-9-24 channel configuration. Something like Corsair Mac Memory or the kit that iFixit provides are in the correct channel configuration.

    Seji the veggie - Replica

    Just to point out:

    1. Do not press again the locker.

    2. Changed the bottom RAM first.

    3. Put nicely, gently to the slot. Cue for you. You must see the label of the manufacture.

    4. Close everything.

    5. Switch the Mac and check "Finder>About my Mac" show the correct RAM.

    Jay Nandu - Replica

    Thank you, Phillip! I have now (just recently) used FOUR of your guides—1) HARD-DRIVE replacement, 2) hard-drive CABLE replacement, 3) BATTERY replacement, and 4) RAM upgrade installation—to successfully refurbish my daughter’s late-2011, 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and, thereby, hopefully, add a few more years to its useful life. Thanks, again!


    Garrick de Demeter

    gdedemet - Replica

    Does the MacBook Pro 13“ (mid 2012) accept a bundle of 2x 8GB RAM to make it run with 16GB? Because the Apple Support page says „maximum 8GB“. Does that only mean the standard configuration, or does it mean the mainboard can only handle 8GB (2x4GB) not 16 GB (2x 8GB)?

    christian.p.anderson - Replica


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Phillip Takahashi

Membro da: 22/08/2011

84.790 Reputazione

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27 Commenti

I should have two 4GB memory or 8GB?

carlosanttini - Replica

You can max out your RAM on any MacBook just about because of the quality of design. I added two sticks of 8 GB of RAM for a total of 16 GB. Apple say my MacBook Pro late 2011 can only support 8GB.

Christopher -


I just changed RAM from 4GB to 16GB in a MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Late 2011. Followed all the steps here, nothing broke. I was very careful on the instruction "the edge of a spudger to pry the battery connector upwards from its socket on the logic board", and also to connect it again.

What happens is that my computer works fine except for the battery. On the upper side (next to clock) says that there are no batteries available. It only works with AC adapter connected.

Please, Help me!!!

isabelortiz - Replica

Saw your post on my original comment. Easy to replace battery, their is a link via I-Fixit battery guide on MacBook Pro 2011. Apple got sued in EU court for not allowing third party batteries. I do not know if you still have MacBook Pro 2011, hope it helps. Sadly, Apple put “end of shelf life” with this machine and High Sierra will NOT upgrade due to Apples “2015” or later MacBook requirement. This is stupid and forced “end of shelf life” so you buy a new machine, even though you meet hardware requirements. I smell another lawsuit.

Christopher -

I just upgraded my macbook pro 13" late 2011 from 4GB to 8GB RAM. It's was very easy to do!

rafsplug - Replica

quite easily done without a spudger. gentle, firm pressure on the sides of the battery plug with fingers, pull up gently, bob's your uncle.

Michael Blackburn - Replica

RAM upgrade was successful....continuing to use my mac book pro with upgraded RAM (8 GB)

kottisasikanth - Replica

Hi, So I my Macbook Pro is indeed 13 inch late 2011. On Apples specs page it says this computer has a base memory of 4 GB and a maximum memory of 8 GB. It also says I have two memory slots.

With these specs in mind, I am looking to purchase RAM to max it out at 8 GB. Do these specs mean I already have a 4 GB RAM drive in one of the two slots? If so should I only buy one 4 GB Ram and leave my old one in? Or would it be better to buy 2, 4 GB chips and take the older RAM chip out? Does that old RAM chip get fried? I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase 1 or 2 (4 GB) RAM chips.

Thanks to whoever answers this!


Milo Saurman - Replica

Hi Milo, in my experience, when this computer is configured for 4 GB of RAM from Apple, it will have 2 sticks of 2 GB each. To get 8 GB you'll need to replace those with two 4 GB sticks.

But before you buy anything, it's easy enough to check if you have a small Phillips screwdriver! Once you've removed the back panel you should be able to see what you've got. If both slots are occupied, you have 2 x 2GB. If there's an empty slot, then it's a single 4 GB stick.

Andrew Optimus Goldheart -

I've read the comments and haven't seen anything regarding whether 16GB of RAM will work in MacBook Pro 13" Late 2011. Apple's support page for RAM upgrade on this model states that 8GB (2X4GB chips) is the max RAM expectable . Will the 16GB (2X8GB) RAM work?

Sean - Replica

Hi Sean,

Better late than never in answering your question. I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 13" and currently have 16GB RAM in it and it works perfectly. I upgraded it (2x8GB) and it's really easy to do - exactly as the instructions above. When you buy your RAM make sure you spring for the mini tool kit (usually $5-$10) - it makes it so much easier.



K Zi -

Hi folks!

Can someone explain why apple wrote max 8gb expandable ram (2x4gb) on its macbook pro 13" late 2011 manual I downloaded from Apple website?

I feel very worried at installing more than they suggested. There should be a reason for that....... :/

Thanks so much!

Mauitux - Replica

Hi Mauitux,

You have a manual/old info that probably hasn't been updated in the 5 years since your MBP was built so it doesn't reflect that a 2 x 8 GB upgrade is available now. They're more worried about writing the manual for the newest MBP's.


Jase Stumph -

I have seen it where any computer and imind you have worked on windows laptops. Most of the time if you have 2 different speeds of ram they won't be recognized. However there are those rare situations where a faster speed ram will throttle be recognized at the slower speed of the other stick of ram. But, for best results buy 2 sticks of ram at the same speed and make sure that your computer will support that speed of ram.

chrisblackstone1977 - Replica

Hi everybody!

I have a macbook pro 2011 13 inches with El Capitan and 4GB ram. I bought 2 Corsair 8GB rams (CMSA8GX3M1A1333C9). I installed them and I noticed my battery charge finish too fast (around 3 hours). Also, when I try to watch the information of a file or extract a USB flash, the computer freeze.

When I re-install the 4GB rams the battery and the problems disappear.

What could be happening?

Any suggestion or idea is helpful.

Ikki Banner - Replica

After replacing memory please try to reset smc and pram. It worked for me. It is always wise to do this after changing any hardware inside your mac. Also run memory test with built-in apple hardware test suite (hold D while booting) or/and memtest. Maybe you just got a bad ram. Happened to me twice!!

Janez Ford -

A co-worker of my wife’s has asked if I can upgrade the ram in their mac book pro. Looking at this guide its pretty easy and straight forward on the hardware side. Is there anything that needs to be done prior or after the instillation to ensure it boots up and runs like it should. I’ve worked on and built many of my own PCs but never done anything with a mac.

Zach Koerber - Replica

Super easy, thanks to you Philip!

Olivier Meyers - Replica

Absolutely spot on instructions. Thanks!

lindaandersmph - Replica

Thank you for the instructions! It was super easy, although, I did not use enough force for one of the 4GB modules initially, so it wasn’t registering.

Christi Ruby - Replica

Thanks, was easy to do. Just pay attention to the different screws !

Lulucmy - Replica

Do you have to do an increment of 4 GB? Say like if I swap the 2GB with 4GB for a total of 6GB - will that be ok operationally?

Christopher Djunaedi - Replica

The RAM sticks have to be the same, you can’t mix and match RAM with different specifications. Stick with the same manufacturer and model.

Sam Omiotek -

hola quisiera saber con certeza si se puede aumentar la memoria RAM a 16 GB en un Macbookpro 2011 late y si es recomendable o puede dañar el equipo.

En caso de ser posible recomiendan alguna marca en especial ??


Can I install SODIMM DDR3 8GB 1333 MHZ KINGSTON (KVR1333D3S9/8G) for my Macbook Pro Late 2011 core i5 2.4GHz? I read that I can install 2 items of 8gb, but there are two different types: 1.5V and 1.35V which one to choose? And the same question with the same memory, but 1600GHz (also 1.5V and 1.35V), I haven’t find any information here:

Sergiy Radkivskiy - Replica

nice guide clear just another question is it possible to replace the actual ram slot i hvae one damaged and one nearly gone

Aminur Rahman - Replica

Great guide. Excellent written instructions. I upgraded my mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13 inch two years ago with 2-8 GB sticks for a total of 16 GB, a replacement battery and a new 1T SSD hard drive and it is still going strong. I just pulled this guide out again and updated a friend’s computer. She’s so happy with the speed and performance improvements! I had no issues with any of the hardware swapping and was even able to restore here touchpad to working order by blowing out the dust and debris when we were in doing the upgrades. I love I-Fix-It!

Julie Garbutt - Replica

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