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A Samuel of Manuals

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Hi! I’m Sam and I am a technical writer at iFixit. I was raised in Lakeport, California where I grew up jumping bikes, shooting photos, and playing guitar. Not much has changed since then — I still do all of those things!

The first thing I learned to fix was my bike. Broken chains, wobbling wheels, and snapped cables were a common occurrence and the shop was too expensive for a kid. I had to learn how to maintain and repair my bike to keep it riding the way I wanted: everything moving perfectly with no rattles. Repairs were always difficult the first time but easy after that and eventually were effortless. Since then I have preferred to repair my own belongings using iFixit, YouTube, and forums to guide me. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get out of maintaining and repairing my belongings.

Working at iFixit gives me the opportunity to enable anyone to experience the independence and empowerment of being able to fix their own stuff. My mission is to provide information, guidance, and confidence to everyone who is motivated to save money, reduce consumption, and learn new skills.

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