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If you're having problems with the Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 you can find the troubleshooting page here.

Background and Identification

Being released in 2007, the Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 is the only hand-held compact digital camera in the "W Series" that Sony has made with a HDTV output feature, which is what sets it apart from the other cameras in the series. This feature gives pictures a higher resolution than normal. With operating temperatures between 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit this camera can take beautiful pictures in a plethora of different environments.

The Cybershot DSC-W80 has a width of 3.6 inches, a depth of 0.9 inches, a height of 2.3 inches, and a weight of 4.37 ounces.

This camera is the only model in the, "W Series" lineup with the HDTV output feature. This feature would not return until the , "H Series" of cameras a year after the release of the DSC-W80.

Additional Information

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