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You receive a message stating that your laptop is low on memory.

You are running too many applications at once.

If you are running a ton of programs and each program is taking a lot of memory, you may want to close some of those programs to make your computer run faster and smoother. To find out which programs are taking up the most memory, press Crtl-Alt-Delete -> open up the task manager -> go to the Processes tab -> click the "Memory" button column to sort the amount of memory each program is using from highest to lowest. Highlight the process that you believe is unnecessary and memory-costly, and click the 'End Process' button on the bottom right corner, but beware that ending some processes may cause your computer to shut down or some applications to close.

Your memory is close to full and needs to be replaced.

A common symptom of low memory is a message similar to "Your computer is running low on memory...." or you notice that your computer shuts down at times when you have many programs open. Also, if your computer is experiencing strange problems such as sluggish performance or display problems, but you're not running that many programs, then you may have too little RAM. Upgrading your RAM, or your computer memory, is easy to do but you have to take precautions in order to not to damage your computer. To install a new RAM in your computer follow this guide: Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 RAM Replacement.

You receive a message stating your laptop does not have enough disk space.

Make sure you are saving the file to the right drive.

For the Toshiba Satellite M55-S135, make sure you are saving large files that you want to remain on your computer to the C:\\ Hard Drive, and not some other drive. To see the drives currently on your computer, go to MyComputer, and it will list all the available drives. If you want to see how much space is left in your main C:\\ Hard Drive, or in any other drive, hover your mouse over a silver-box looking picture and it will display your remaining free space in that particular drive.

You have too many files or programs.

If you find yourself downloading a lot of programs/files and are receiving this message, consider deleting unused or rarely used programs and large files that you don't need. This will clear up your hard drive.

Your C:\\ drive is too small. You need to buy a new, larger hard drive.

If you find that you don't have any extra programs that you can delete, or if you just want more space for the future, your C:\\ drive, also known as your hard drive, can be replaced with a larger one. To install a new hard drive in your computer follow this guide: Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 Hard Drive Replacement.

Backup your old files before replacing your hard drive

If you don't want to lose the files in your old hard drive but want to upgrade it, you can use an online backup service such as MiMedia. MiMedia is free to use, is able to store up to 7GB of files, is easy to use, and as of March 2013, is the largest free online storage site. If you need more space for backing up files, however, you'll need to find another site or pay additional costs. After you've installed a new hard drive, simply download your old files off from the site.

After pressing the power button, the laptop does not turn on or it turns off after a few seconds.

Your AC adapter may not be connected.

Make sure your AC adapter is connected to your laptop, securely connected to the power adapter, and plugged into a power socket.

Perform a Hard Reset.

A common solution to your laptop not turning on is to discharge the PSU Capacitor. Turn off your laptop, unplug all the plugs connected to it (including the battery, usb connected devices, printers, etc), and hold the power button for 30 seconds. This will drain the residual battery lodged in your laptop. After that, plug all your connections back in and try to turn on your laptop.

Your battery is dead.

If your laptop still won't turn on, look at the socket where the power cord connects to you laptop. If circle near the socket doesn't light up, your battery might be bad. Another case where your battery may be bad is if you notice that your laptop only turns on for a short period of time and then shuts down without notice. If so, to install a new battery, follow this guide: Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 Battery Replacement.

The laptop screen is black.

Your screen has a faulty connection.

If your screen is black and won't turn on, your screen may be disconnected from the motherboard. To check the connection to the motherboard, follow this guide up to step 8 where the screen connects to the motherboard: Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 Screen Replacement.

Your screen is broken.

If nothing is showing up on your monitor after you press the power button on, but you see the power button light up and hear fans humming, your display could be the problem. Your display may not be plugged into the motherboard, or it may actually be bad and you'll need to buy a new display and replace it. Either way, follow this guide to install a new screen: Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 Screen Replacement.

The laptop does not recognize my CD or DVD.

Make sure the it's the right disc.

A DVD will not work in a CD only drive, and a CD will not work in a DVD only drive. Make sure you are using the right type of disc in the right drive before continuing.

Your CD or DVD is scratched.

If the CD or DVD you are trying to play is dirty, it will not run correctly in your laptop. Remove the CD or DVD from the laptop and use a soft towel or dust rag to wipe off the CD or DVD.

Download the Microsoft CD/DVD Drive Fixit Program.

If you receive the following messages:

  • A class specific or device specific driver is missing or corrupt
  • A CD or DVD drive cannot be found or is not connected
  • The CD or DVD drive is experiencing a problem that prevents it from working properly
  • The CD or DVD drive is not accessible via an assigned drive letter

Microsoft's handy FixIt Program will probably solve all those problems. Run the program and follow the prompts that show up.

Your optical drive is broken.

If your laptop will not read CDs or DVDs it could be that your optical drive is broken and not working correctly. To install a new optical drive, follow this guide: Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 Optical Drive Replacement.

First off all in order to se the Orange light my battery have to be in long with the allowed adapter to give it Lil power for a second then cut of every time I turned the power button the green power light stay on for a Nantes second then cut off can you help

Freeman Rolle - Replica

My laptop can't work with out a battery that's number one every time I press the power button the power start for 2 second dhen it cut buck off can you help

Freeman Rolle - Replica

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