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Tapwave T2907US Zodiac 2 Troubleshooting

Zodiac won't turn on

The Zodiac device will not turn on even if it is plugged in.

Broken screen

The transflective LCD screen has been shattered or cracked from an impact. Follow our screen installation guide.

Dead battery

If the device won’t turn on after charging for a few hours, the Lithium-Ion battery has probably surpassed its useful life cycle and must be replaced. Follow our battery installation guide.

Low screen contrast

The screen contrast may be set to the lowest settings. This can be fixed by pressing and holding the power button. When prompted, drag the brightness slider to the right and then indicate that you’re done.

Frozen screen

You can either do a soft reset or a hard reset.

  • Perform a soft reset
    1. Take a pointed tip such as the stylus and lightly press the reset button in the center of the back panel.
  • Perform a hard reset (only to be done if soft reset doesn’t work!)
    • Make sure that doing a soft reset did not work because a hard reset will erase the memory.
  1. Hold down the power button on the front panel.
  2. Use a pointed tip to press the reset button on the back panel while still holding down the home button.
  3. Release the power button.
  4. When a message prompts you to confirm that you want to complete a hard reset, press the Function button on the front to confirm a hard reset.
  5. Press the Home button to perform a soft reset.

If soft and hard resets didn’t work, the digitizer might be faulty and needs replacement.

Broken Buttons

Over time, the analog stick and directional pad might be damaged by overuse and will not work correctly.

Analog stick issues

Analog stick's movement is impaired and/or will not move. This means the analog stick needs replacing. Follow our analog stick replacement guide.

Shoulder button issues

Shoulder buttons don't function properly and need replacing. Follow our shoulder button installation guide.

Directional pad issues

Directional pad does not respond, or is stuck in place. Problems may include:

  • Some small particle stuck in the crevice between a button and the plastic casing
    1. To remove small particles, try using tweezers or something small to brush out the particle while holding the device in a way that the particle can fall out.
  • Faulty pad contacts
    1. For faulty pad contacts and other problems not involving particles stuck in the crevices, follow our directional pad installation guide.

Audio problems

The Zodiac projects no sound when it is turned on, or the sound is distorted.

Headphones connected

The headphones may be connected, thus directing the sound from the speakers to the headphones. Disconnect your headphones.

Audio jack jammed in auxiliary port

A headphone jack may have snapped off and is stuck inside the auxilary port. This causes the sound to be directed to the auxilary port instead of to the speakers.

Easiest solution

  • One could find a way to pull the audio jack out of the auxiliary port with tools such as tweezers or being creative. (For example, obtaining a small metal rod that you have super glued to one end and then placing it on the broken audio jack. Then once the glue has dried pull the metal rod and the audio jack should come out of the port.)

Last resort

  • If you can't figure out any method with which you can remove your audio jack from the auxiliary port without seriously breaking the device, you should disassemble the device. Follow our auxiliary port installation guide to the point where you can remove the audio jack.

Sound component malfunction

If the sound emitted is distorted, the problem may lie with the sound component. In this case, since the sound component is on the motherboard, the whole motherboard may have to be replaced. Follow our motherboard disassembly guide in order to replace it.

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