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Sony Vaio VPCW21FX Troubleshooting

Released in December 2009, model number PCG-61411L. Comes in Pink, White, and other assorted colors.

Computer Will Not Power On

Your laptop will not power on and respond to action

Faulty Power Adapter

Your laptop may not be powering due to improper connectivity to either the wall or the power adapter port itself. Make sure that the power adapter is plugged in correctly and light responds accordingly. If the adapter is plugged in with no light, the adapter itself could be faulty and a replacement may need to be purchased.

Faulty Battery

The battery may not be properly secured to the laptop itself. Remove the battery using the latch and reattach it making sure that you hear a click. Attempt to power on computer and if it doesn’t respond, the battery may be dead. Charge for approximately 10 minutes and attempt to turn computer on. If the computer does not turn on, your battery could be faulty and a replacement may need to be purchased.

Screen is Unresponsive

Your Sony Vaio screen is not showing a display while powered on

Screen is Black

If the screen is showing no display or is black even when powered on, the screen could be disabled. To enable screen again, press “Fn” and “F2”. If screen was disabled, all functions involving the screen should return. If not, there could be a wiring issue and the screen may need to be replaced.

Screen is Cracked, Has Lines, or Distorted

Attempt to restart the computer first. When the computer restarts, the display should be corrected. If there are still visible scratches, pixilation, or lines causing distortion on the screen you may need to replace the display itself.

Audio is Distorted or Nonexistent

You have trouble hearing audio on or from your computer

Speakers Are Disabled

Make sure that the speakers are unmuted and the volume is enabled. If that does not work, right click on the speaker icon on the lower right hand corner of your screen and click “Playback devices”. Check that you are under the “Playback” tab and that your computer speakers are selected.

Headphone Jack Malfunction

Be sure to test your audio through your computer speakers, then check with external headphones. If the sound is distorted only with headphones, the audio jack or headphones may be malfunctioning. Make sure that both the audio jack and the headphones are properly inserted into your computer.

Touchpad/Keyboard is not Working

Your touchpad or keyboard will not respond or is missing keys

Keys Are Missing

If a key is missing or pops off from your keyboard be sure to keep it in your possession. You can reattach it by pressing it firmly down back onto the keyboard or replace.

Sticky Keys

Dust and debris may be collected under the keyboard causing the keys to stick. If they cannot be pressed, remove the keys and effectively clean the area. Return the keys back to their intended position afterwards.

Touchpad Unresponsive

The touchpad could be disabled if it does not respond. Press the “Fn” and “F1” buttons on the keyboard first to test whether it is enabled. Try pressing the “Fn” and “F1” buttons again and if there is no change you may need to replace the touchpad.

Fan Malfunctioning With Sound or Heat

The fan on your laptop is malfunctioning in some way or another

Fan is Making Noises

Check to make sure that noise is coming from the actual fan and not on any other part of the laptop. The sound from the fan vent may indicate you need a BIOS update for your device. If after the update sound persists, you may need to replace or repair the fan itself.

Fan is Not Working or Overheating

If your computer is continuously overheating during use, the fan may be causing a problem. If the fan is not properly working for your laptop, the fan may be defective and need repair.

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