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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Troubleshooting

Released May 1, 2014, identified by model number SM-T230NZAWAXAR.

Tablet is not charging

Even when you try using multiple chargers, your tablet won't charge.

Debris in charge port

Initially, it would be best to check the charge port for any obstructions such as sand or dirt. Because this tablet does not have a port cover, it is very possible that you may have picked up sand from the beach or dirt from the park. If so, you may want to first try using an air duster to clean out any debris (even if it isn't visible to the naked eye). There is also the possibility of water damage. If so read on to the next section.

Faulty/Damaged charge port

Along the way and after many collisions, the bottom of your tablet (and therefore the charge port) may have taken physical damage that leaves it useless and unable to charge. Since Samsung does not sell individual charge ports, at this point, it may be necessary to Replace the Motherboard

Faulty/Run Down Battery

As your tablet ages, so does the battery. One reason your tablet may not be charging is because the battery needs to be replaced. Follow the link to Replace the Battery.

Tablet is running slowly

You have to wait longer than normal for your tablet to load applications, music, etc.

Reset the tablet

If your tablet is consistently running slowly, you may need to reset/restart it.

Check active applications

When installing your new applications or games, it may be necessary to check what applications are already active. Having multiple running applications can cause your tablet to run slowly. You can check active applications through “menu > settings > applications > running” and can “stop”.

Install SD card

You may need some extra storage space to get your tablet running quickly again. For the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, you’ll need a micro SD card, and the tablet will hold one up to 32 GB.

There are muffled/static sounds coming from the tablet

When you try playing a video or listening to a song aloud, the sounds coming from your tablet are muffled, or there’s no sound at all

There is debris in your speaker

It’s pretty easy for your table to pick up dirt or dust particles, and that can get stuck in the speaker. Try cleaning the speaker with an air duster and see if that helps to enhance the sound quality.

Your speaker needs to be replaced

If you’ve tried cleaning out your speaker and it’s still not working, it may be time to just Replace the Speaker.

No sound is coming through your headphones

When you plug your headphones into the headphone jack, for some strange reason, you can’t hear anything!

Your headphones are broken

Before diving into your device, make sure it’s not your headphones that are faulty. Try plugging them into another device to see if you can hear sound in them. If not, then you may need to purchase new headphones. If you can hear sound in another device, something is wrong with your tablet - read on to see what the issue may be.

There is debris in the headphone jack

Just like every other open space in your tablet, the headphone jack can easily pick up debris from its environment. Try cleaning out the headphone jack with an air duster. If that doesn’t work, read on for another solution.

The headphone jack is broken

Your tablet’s headphone jack may be broken if there is no sound coming from the headphones. Since Samsung does not sell individual sound ports, follow the link to Replace the Motherboard.

Your screen is not displaying images or is cracked

Through your tablet’s adventurous life, it either fell down or has accumulated too many scratches to see what’s on the screen.

The screen needs to be replaced

Follow this link for steps on how to Replace the Screen of your tablet.

Camera will not work

While trying to take that "kodak moment" photo, your camera decides to take the day off.

Possible software updates may be needed

To be sure that the problem isn't a physically broken camera, be sure to first check for updates that may fix camera glitches.

Broken camera

If the tablet has been dropped at any point in its life, it may be possible that the camera (front or back) has been compromised. The following link will lead you to Replace the Camera.

My tab 4 10" tablet use to sleep and awake with the protective cover being opened and closed.

I just changed the battery and now it will no longer operate with the cover. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Jeffery Brown - Replica

Hi - My son's tablet will not download some games from the playstore & there is almost 30 gb of free storage on the SD card. Any recommendations? We re-formatted SD card & even tried a new one. If we get a game to install & try to move to SD card, tablet says "unable to move. Free up space". Thanks!! Kathy

Kathy Kuny - Replica

Oops, 32 mb not gb.

Kathy Kuny - Replica

Galaxy Tab 4, 7".....will not start up but will try and just freeze! Will not shut off by pressing the off button.

Culis Kirkland - Replica

How can I pull off the pictures or delete some of the pictures on my tablet? They are listed under "auto back up" and I am unable to delete any of them. Help!

Heidi Pergolski - Replica

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