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Console Overheating

The fan runs obnoxiously loud, and the console becomes hot to the touch. System may shut down and become unresponsive.

Not Enough Air Circulation

Move the console off of any carpet and make space on all sides for ventilation. Additionally, position a fan blowing onto the console.

Dirty Fan

Begin by blowing a compressed air duster into the vents to try and clear the fan from any dust build up. If the problem continues, pull the top cover off and make sure the fan is working. If the fan is not spinning, it may be malfunctioning and a replacement may be necessary. In order to replace the fan, see this fan replacement guide.

Hot Room

Make sure your Playstation 4 Pro is in a cool room or place. If the room is hot, it will take a shorter time for the console to overheat. Putting your Playstation 4 Pro in a low temperature location will keep your console cooler for a longer time.

Console Can't Read Disks

PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't respond to a disk being put in the disk drive.

Incompatible Disk

Make sure the disk you are using is specifically for the Playstation 4. Games that say Playstation 4 on them are compatible with the Playstation 4 Pro. The Playstation 4 Pro can not read disks that are for the Playstation 3. In addition the Playstation 4 Pro can't read disks from other gaming consoles such as the XBOX One, Wii or PC.

Damaged or Scratched Disk

Eject the current disk and examine for any scratches or damages and ensure it is put in right side up. If the disk still doesn't read, try another to make sure the disk itself isn't the problem.

Optical Drive Problem

If scratched disks aren't the issue, there may be a problem with the optical drive. In order to open up the console and replace the optical drive, use the following optical drive replacement guide.

No System Audio

The console is displaying an image, but no audio is coming from the TV or any connected speakers.

Sound Problems Caused by the TV

Make sure you have your TV's volume turned up to a sound level you can hear. To make sure that you can hear the sound coming from the TV, change it over to something that you know will work, such as as a movie or TV show. If there is no sound coming from your TV now, then the problem is not with the console.

Loose Connections

Ensure all cord connections between console, TV, and speakers are properly attached. If the problem persists, try a new set of cables to make sure the cords aren't the problem.

Incorrect Audio Settings

If the cords aren't the problem, the issue may lie in the system's audio settings. To try and find the correct settings for your unique setup, try the following links.

Fixing audio problems

Additional general troubleshooting

TV Image Flickering

TV image flickers and flashes to black screen

Loose Connections

Make sure all the cords in the back of the console are connected correctly between the console and TV, and have nothing leaning against them.

Incompatible TV Screen Modes

Most issues like these can be solved by going through the TV and console settings and seeing which screen modes work, and which do not (i.e.: Movie mode vs. Game mode). Also, 1080p settings seem to have the least amount of problems while anything higher may run into trouble. If these do not work immediately, try changing modes several times and turning the system on and off again.

Incompatible Game Setting

Some games do not support HDR and may cause the screen to flicker when the HDMI UHD Color setting is on. Try checking the game to see if it supports HDR or non-HDR, and change the HDMI UHD Color setting accordingly.

Console Not Connecting to TV

Console doesn't connect to the TV at all. Nothing can be seen or heard from the tv.

HDMI in the Wrong Port

Faulty Outlet

Unplug the console and try a different outlet to see whether the problem lies in the outlet or the console itself.

Loose Connections

Make sure all the cords in the back are connected correctly between the console and TV and have nothing leaning against them.

HDMI Cable in the Wrong Port

Make sure your HDMI cable is plugged into the correct port on both your Playstation 4 Pro and your TV. On your TV make sure your HDMI cable is plugged into the same port as your input source you are displaying on your TV.

Incompatible Console and TV Settings

Since the console saves previous settings (i.e.: when the wrong cord was used), a complete console reset should change the settings back to default. If the reset fails to solve the problem, make sure the console and TV is updated to the latest software.

What about if you have a 50’ screen TV but the PS4 only displays about a 10” by 5” screen on the top left corner. Used multiple HDMI cords, and have messed with every video setting both the TV and PS4 have, yet nothing fixes it. It's definitely the PS4 because the TV displays all other inputs fine. I even tried changing HDMI ports on the TV itself.

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