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Olympus Stylus 725 SW Troubleshooting

The Olympus Stylus 725 SW replaces the 720 SW in 2006 as a "tough" waterproof digital camera with 7.1 megapixels. The camera is 91 x 59 x 20 mm and weighs 149 grams.

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers all Olympus Stylus 725 models.

My Camera Won't Turn On

Your camera will not power on. This could be the camera will simply not turn on, or it turns on momentarily and shuts off again.

Blank Screen but Camera is On

If the camera was on and the screen remained blank, there could be a more significant problem with the camera and please revert to the section of this troubleshooting guide referring to a "blank screen."

Power Button

The "Power" button is located on the top of the camera. It is a recessed small round button located directly next to a written word "power" and a narrow long button used for taking actual pictures.

Battery is Dead

If the battery were dead, the camera would not turn on at all. If the battery is almost dead, the LCD screen would display a screen with a low battery message displayed and would turn off shortly after. Charge the battery with the Olympus brand LI-40C battery charger, available for approximately $20. Charge time from dead to full is five hours for the first charge after purchase, and 60-90 minutes for all following charges. The light on the charger will turn off once the battery is fully charged.

Battery is Improperly Installed

It is possible to improperly fit the battery in both the charger and the camera. Be sure to align the arrows located on the battery and then charger in order to charge the battery. In the camera the battery must be installed so that the arrow on the battery is pointed up and oriented so that the negative side is facing the side of the camera with the tab used for an attachable leash. For more information on the battery, click Here.

My Camera Has a Blank Screen

The camera is on but the screen is black.

Make Sure the Camera Is On

When the camera is on the cover on the lens will retract. Please revert back to the previous section discussing power-up failures and possible solutions.

Replacing the LCD Screen

If the LCD screen has been cracked, broken, or disabled, it will need to be replaced. This is something you can do with the right tools and a new LCD screen. For detailed instructions on how to do this, click Here.

Camera Shuts Down Underwater

While taking shots underwater, the camera may shut down; the lens cover remains open and the LCD screen becomes black, regardless of battery level. Water may have leaked into the camera.

Waterproof Packing and Seals May Need to Be Replaced

The waterproof packing and seals of this camera have the tendency of becoming faulty after a time, and will lose the ability to keep the camera watertight and able to be used underwater; to prevent this--or if this situation has already occurred--it may be necessary to replace the packing and seals, which the manual for this camera recommends that being done annually. Please refer to this guide for instructions on how to replace the waterproof packing and waterproof seals.

The Buttons On the Camera Do Not Function

When pressing the button wheel selector on the back of the camera, nothing happens.

Main Computer Chip Malfunction

There is a main "control center" inside the camera that attaches to the back cover and the LCD screen. If this chip has failed, it could cause the buttons to not work as well as the screen to be blank. To see steps on how to undo the back panel and get inside the camera, click Here.

Features of the Camera Have Physically Broken

During normal wear and tear, parts of the camera have been broken.

My Lens is Cracked

The lens can be replaced with the proper tools and a new lens. This is a clear front cover that is protected when the camera is off by a solid cover but once it is on the lens cover retracts and is vulnerable. Remove the front cover to remove the cracked lens and replace it. Detailed instructions on how to remove the lens can be found Here.

My screen is black and has a message "write protect" on it.

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