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Dell Inspiron 15-3541 Troubleshooting

3541 Series 15" Laptop with an AMD Processor and a non-touch display

Laptop Will Not Power On

Laptop does nothing when the power button is pressed.

Dead Battery

Make sure your power adapter is connected to the laptop and plugged into an electric outlet. The adapter light should be on. If your laptop will only turn on when connected to the power adapter, and the battery shows that it is fully charged, you may have a problem with the battery. Learn how to replace the battery using this guide.

Power Adapter Not Working

Check to see if the power adapter is connected to the computer. Also, check to make sure the power adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is plugged into both and the light on the adapter is not on, you may need to purchase a new power adapter. You can also try using a different electrical outlet to make sure it is the adapter that is causing the problem.

Screen is Blank And/Or Flickering

Screen is black, blank, flickering or has any obvious distortion.

Display not Enabled

If you recently connected your computer to a monitor or projector, then the display settings may still think that it is connected. If you press the fn key on the keyboard and the f8 key it will cycle through different display settings, which may fix the black screen.

Output Cable Not Connected Properly

If you are trying to display your laptop screen on an external screen or on a projector, make sure that the HDMI cable that you are using is connected properly to both the laptop and the other device, and that the cable itself works. Avoid using an HDMI to any kind of adapter cable, (such as HDMI to DVI) as this could possibly be causing the issue.

Display is Damaged

Check to see that your laptop is powered on and that it is connected to the power adapter. If the laptop is on, and the screen is either blank, black or flickering, and the other remedies fail, you may need to replace the screen. Learn how to replace the screen using this guide.

Keyboard is Unresponsive

Some or all of your keys do not respond when they are pressed.

Object Stuck Underneath Keys

If you cannot press down on a key, there may be something stuck underneath preventing this function. Carefully pop off the key, remove anything that is underneath and press the key back into place after it is sufficiently cleaned.

Faulty Keyboard

If any or all of the keys on your keyboard do not respond when you press down on them, you have a faulty keyboard. Learn how to replace the keyboard with this guide.

Not Enough Space

Laptop tells you there is not enough space to import anything or run a device.

Full Hard Drive

If your hard drive is full you may want to purchase an external hard drive to save your files to instead of the hard drive in the computer. You can also free up some space by deleting files or programs that you no longer need.

Hard Drive Failure

If your computer is running very slowly, you may want to upgrade to a better hard drive. If it is not working at all you will need to replace the hard drive. Learn how to replace your hard drive using this guide.

Laptop Freezes Frequently

Computer does not respond to any actions.

Faulty Memory (RAM)

If your computer is freezing when you are trying to run programs, or is totally unable to launch certain programs, you can try replacing your RAM using this guide. Adding more RAM can also allow you to use programs that you previously may had not be able to use due to crashes or the fact that they were just running too slowly.

Faulty Hard Drive

If your computer freezes very frequently, your hard drive might be failing. You may want to replace it. Make sure that you backup your data to an external hard drive or to an online service so that you do not lose any information when you replace your hard drive with a new one.

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