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Asus Rog GL552VW-DH71 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose the problems you are experiencing on your Asus Rog GL552VW-DH71

Keyboard Is Not Working Properly

The keyboard/keys are not operating in like-new fashion.

Keys stuck/not making connection

If the keys are stuck or not making a proper connection

  1. Remove the keyboard and check for foreign debris.
  2. Remove any debris with a can of compressed air and clean with alcohol wipes.
  3. Replace keyboard in opposite fashion.

Keyboard backlight not lighting up

If the keyboard backlight is not visible

  1. Check to see if the keyboard light button or system option has the light disabled.
  2. If lighting is still is unavailable, replace keyboard using this guide.

Key dislodged from keyboard

  1. In the event of a missing key from the keyboard, use this guide to replace the keyboard.


  • For a fast alternative solution try using an external keyboard.

Distorted/No Audio

The speakers are not operating properly.

Incorrect Bluetooth driver

  1. If you have a Bluetooth speaker and the speaker is fine but you are unable to get sound from your computer it is possible to have an incorrect Bluetooth driver. Update the driver with this link.

Blown speakers

  1. If the sounds coming from the computer are inaudible or distorted, use this guide for the replacement of the speakers.

Muted speakers

Check to make sure the computer is un-muted by playing audio with the volume up and pressing the mute button “F10” on the keyboard.

  1. Be sure to check the volume level of the media player (YouTube, Games, Web Browser).
  2. Check to make sure your drivers are up to date.

Touchpad Is Not Functioning

The functionality of the touchpad or mouse buttons is not normal.

Touchpad is damaged

  1. If the touchpad is damaged, use this guide for complete replacement.

Touchpad not responding to user

  1. Check to see if the touchpad has been disabled in the system settings.
  2. If touchpad settings should allow for proper operation and still unresponsive, replace using this guide.


  • If you are unable to fix your touchpad an external mouse is suggested
  • If you have an external mouse connected, it is possible that this has disabled the touchpad.

CD/DVD Drive Is Dysfunctional

CD/DVD drive is not responsive or has a disk stuck in the drive.

Can not read a disk

Check to make sure that the disk is free of scratches and is clean.

  1. If the drive will still not read, check to make sure drivers are up-to-date.
  2. If still inoperable, consider replacement using this guide.

CD/DVD drive is jammed

It is possible that a disk is stuck in the drive or that there is damage to the track for the drive.

  1. Remove the drive with this guide.
  2. remove the 3 screws on the drive to remove the plate to gain access to the interior of the drive.
  3. Retrieval of the disk in the drive is now possible.

Computer Will Not Power On

The computer is unable to boot and gives no indication of turning on .

Faulty battery

Check to make sure that the battery is installed and charged.

  1. Plug in the charging cable to a working power outlet to verify proper electrical power to the computer.
  2. If the battery appears to not be charging, replace the battery with this guide.

Power switch is damaged

  1. If the battery is functional then it is likely that the power switch could be dysfunctional. This will require a replacement of the keyboard using this guide.

USB Port Fails To Read Properly

USB port either has intermittent or no connectivity.

Port has limited connectivity

Verify USB port is debris/ dust free.

  1. If required, clean terminals with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.
  2. If still intermittent, consider replacing the USB port with this guide.

Port has no connectivity

  1. Check to make sure that drivers for the device are up-to-date and correct. Also, verify the cleanliness of the USB port. If replacement is desired, use this guide.


  • Check to see if the external USB works with other devices, if not replace your external USB

Screen Blackout/Broken

The screen either does not turn on, is damaged or otherwise needs to be replaced.

Incorrect video driver

  1. If you are experiencing inverted colors, poor image quality, and/or inconsistent video display. Here is where you can download and update your video driver.

Screen will not turn on

  1. Verify power to the computer.
  2. Use this guide to remove the keyboard to give access to the motherboard. Verify that the screen ribbon cable is secure and undamaged. If required, replace the screen with this guide.

Screen is damaged

  1. Replace screen with this guide.

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