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No Display

Your Aspire shows no visual display even when the system seems to be running properly.

GPU or Motherboard Failure

Connect to an external monitor and see if any image appears. If no image appears on external monitor, there is likely an issue with the motherboard or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Faulty Video Cable

If an image appears when you connect to the external monitor, there is possibly an issue with the video cable or video cable connections, which are at the motherboard and the screen.

Faulty LCD Screen

If you discover no issue with the power cable or connections, then the LCD Screen could be faulty. Check the backlight power by holding a torch at an angle near the screen and search for an image, however faint. If an image appears, the issue is either a faulty lid switch or the LCD Screen. However, if no image appears, please again refer to the "Faulty Video Cable" troubleshooting subheading to address the issue.

Computer is Overheating

Your Acer Aspire M5 is an alarming temperature or operates more slowly due to overheating.

Faulty Fan

After ensuring battery issues are not to blame for device overheating, the next step is to replace the fan. If your fan is failing to circulate air throughout the Aspire, the overheating can lead to poor performance or even the device breaking. Please refer to our 'Fan Replacement' Guide for assistance in the locating and replacement of your fan.

Acer Aspire Won't Charge

Your Aspire fails to respond to the inserted charger plugged into a reliable power source.

Broken Charger

Check the condition of your charge cords and check the outlet to make sure that isn't faulty. If possible, see if there might be an internal issue with your charger rather than an issue with the power jack. If power outlet and charger are functional, move forward with fixing power jack.

Faulty Power Jack

After prolonged use, the power jack can be pushed or dislodged. In order to verify this, you must check the condition and location of the power jack internally. This will require opening up the laptop, identifying the location of the power jack, and then try to adjust the jack to verify whether or not the power jack is faulty or if it simply needs to be re-adjusted to better receive the charger in port. Refer to our power jack replacement guide for help.

Laptop is Slow or Not Functioning At All

Your Acer Aspire M5-583P fails to connect or maintain connection with the internet, use apps, or function at acceptable speeds.

Faulty Driver

Commonly after prolonged use, the Acer Aspire M5-583P has issues maintaining an internet connection. In order to fix this, try to uninstall windows driver and re-install the driver provided free for download from Acer. First, go to the Acer driver website and identify your Acer-M5-583P laptop, identify the proper driver for your computer, then uninstall and re-install your Windows driver.

Overheating RAM

Too much heat from other components of the laptop can cause the RAM stick to fail. Laptop may suddenly restart or freeze, files may be inexplicably corrupted, or attempts to install new programs continually fails. Laptop may also show a blue screen with white text upon restarting. Move computer into cooler area or consider turning your computer off and letting the device cool off for a while before attempting to use again. If these issues persist, consider replacing the RAM. Refer to our RAM replacement guide for easy steps to replace your RAM.

Faulty RAM

When laptop RAM casing is opened, the stick is altered or dislodged. This can cause sudden restarts, freezing, a blue screen with white text to appear before restarting, or functioning to be slow when laptop is in high use. Files can also be inexplicably corrupted, or attempts to install new programs perpetually fail. If this is the case then the RAM will likely have to be replaced.

Keyboard Isn't Working

Your keyboard is not responding, keys are sticking, or appear broken.

Faulty Keyboard

If the entire keyboard is malfunctioning, replacing it would be the best option.

Specific Keys Unresponsive

If any specific key is not functioning/sticking, after taking the keyboard out, remove any malfunctioning keys, wipe them off, and remove any foreign bodies under the keyboard that may inhibit the functionality of the keys.

Keys Are Broken or Missing

If any keys are missing or appear broken, replace them using keys specified for the Acer Aspire M5-583P.

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