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The Oceania Community (namely New Zealand and others)

This is a community designated to people from the Oceania region (namely New Zealand and others). All people from this region are welcome to join our community.


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Magic Trackpad Rubber Replacement/Reinsertion

How to replace the Magic Trackpad rubber feet.

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Alienware M11xR3 Disassembly and Cleaning

This is a disassembly of the Alienware M11x R3. These instructions also apply...

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OnePlus X Screen Replacement

Replace the screen of your OnePlus X.

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Canon EOS Rebel T6i Flash Assembly Replacement

How to replace the Canon EOS Rebel T6i flash assembly.

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Fix: Toshiba External HDD not recognised in Windows 10

Here we help guide you through the process of fixing a Toshiba External HDD...

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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Teardown

A teardown of the Xbox 360 Wireless controller.