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Students in the Real-Time Water Systems Lab at the University of Michigan.

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Autosampler Node Wiring

A guide on how to re-wire an open-storm autosampler node

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Open Storm GI Node Part II: Debugging and Deployment Prep

Review how to QA/QC Node assembly before deployment in the field. Learn how...

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Autosampler Programming

Standard program for controlling autosampler with our node.

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Autosampler Battery Replacement & Voltage Check

Learn how to replace and check the voltage of both the lead acid battery for...

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Autosampler Wire Connection Testing Procedure

Test to ensure autosampler wires are connected correctly.

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Autosampler Configuration

Standard configuration for controlling autosampler with our node.

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Autosampler Configuration for Node Control

Configure the autosampler in order for it to be controlled by the node.

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Autosampler Node Troubleshooting

Learn the steps to find the issue if the autosampler cannot be triggered from...

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Autosampler Reinstallation Procedure

Learn how to reinstall the autosampler by connecting it to the node in the...

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Autosampler Open-Storm Board Reprogramming

Follow these steps to reprogram the Open-Storm board for the autosampler.