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Students in the Real-Time Water Systems Lab at the University of Michigan.


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Depth Sensor Node Streambed Installation Procedure

Follow these steps to install a depth sensor node in a stream bed.

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Error-proofing of Depth Sensor Deployments

This guide shows how to aviod problem when deploying sensors in the field....

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Depth Sensor Node Enclosure Assembly

Learn how to assemble an Open-Storm sensor node with a depth sensor.

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How to Change to 12V Power Supply

Changing the open-storm board to be ran off of a 12V power source only...

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Autosampler Programming (For Old & New Versions)

Standard program for controlling autosampler with our node.

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Autosampler Node Wiring (For Old Version)

A guide on how to re-wire an open-storm autosampler node

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Autosampler Battery Replacement & Voltage Check (For Old & New Versions)

Learn how to replace and check the voltage of both the lead acid battery for...

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Autosampler Wire Connection Testing Procedure (For Old & New Versions)

Test to ensure autosampler wires are connected correctly.

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Autosampler Configuration (For Old & New Versions)

Standard configuration for controlling autosampler with our node.

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Autosampler Configuration for Node Control (For Old & New Versions)

Configure the autosampler in order for it to be controlled by the node.