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Eastern Washington University, Team 1-1, Mathisen Winter 2017

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Tag del Team: EWU-MATHISEN-W17S1G1

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Connor Bacon

Katelyn Domitrovich

Vanessa Ng

Joseph Harris


Joe is a Biology/Premed major with interests in outdoor recreation and enjoys spending time with family and friends. With his current career path, it gives him the experience in problem solving and flexibility when faced with multiple roadblocks.

Katelyn is a Creative Writing major with interests in horseback riding and also enjoys outdoor recreation. Her writing background makes her an important asset when synthesizing a clear and concise message.

Vanessa is a Visual Communication Design major with interests in photography and traveling and aspires to become a web designer post graduation. Her go getter attitude will bring morale and inspiration to the team.

Connor is a Visual Communication Design major as well and enjoys creating graphics in his free time as well as taking photo/videos. His technology background and experience with computers gives a technical edge to repairs.