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Fixed my switch analog stick!

Oswald Colon -


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Left Joy-Con Joystick Replacement

30 minuti


Il Mio Problema

My analog stick got chipped so playing any game that doesn’t use the D-pad for movement was a hassle. I needed to replace it.

La Mia Riparazione

It went well! The repair was pretty straightforward. Be careful with ribbon cables. Use the included tools in the ifixit tool kit and the analog replacement is easy as pie!

Il Mio Consiglio

Number 1 rule on this project is to be careful and patient with opening the joy-con. I hate ribbon cables for their fragility but they do make this controller work. Use included tools in your kit and watch a YouTube video on opening a joycon. Patience is key to success here. I took the opportunity to change the shells which add another 2-3 hours to the procedure and it’s one of the hardest projects I did. Worth it tho! If you’re planning that careful with the rubbers for the buttons. Specifically the minus and plus. They go back vertically in a specific way. Otherwise those buttons will get stuck.

Immagine iFixit Opening Tool
iFixit Opening Tool


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