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Galaxy S4 - SPH-L720 - Won't boot

Keith Di Martino -

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Motherboard Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S4 Motherboard Replacement

45 minuti


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Phone would not boot from any starting point

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Straight forward - read several articles before starting.

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After replacing the motherboard, do a factory data reset so the motherboard recognizes and refreshes the SIM card. After the first power up with the "new" motherboard, started getting "No SIM card - insert SIM card" notices. The FDR took care of that - was able to fully auto activate the phone with Ting.

Great transaction with ifixit - shipped and arrived very quickly - well done ifixit!

Immagine Galaxy S4 Motherboard (Sprint)
Galaxy S4 Motherboard (Sprint)


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When I replaced it it gave me a No SIM card error. I tried to activate it but the company told me it was incompatible. What did you do to get yours fixed?

Ben Crouch - Replica

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