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MacBook Optical Drive Bezel

  • MacBook Optical Drive Bezel / White
  • MacBook Optical Drive Bezel / Black
MacBook Optical Drive Bezel

29,99 USD

29,99 USD

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Open the gateway to your optical drive once again by replacing a warped optical drive bezel. Instead of replacing the complete lower case you can replace just this part, saving the time and expense of replacing the entire lower case. Does not include the 4 case clips or mounting screws.



  • All 13.3" MacBooks (excluding MacBook Unibody and MacBook Air)


MacBook Core 2 Duo
A1181 (EMC 2121) 1.83 GHz
A1181 (EMC 2121) 2 GHz (Late 2006)
A1181 (EMC 2121) 2 GHz (Mid 2007)
A1181 (EMC 2121) 2 GHz (Santa Rosa)
A1181 (EMC 2139) 2.16 GHz
A1181 (EMC 2200) 2.2 GHz (Santa Rosa)
A1181 (EMC 2242) 2.1 GHz (Penryn)
A1181 (EMC 2242) 2.4 GHz (Penryn)
A1181 (EMC 2300) 2 GHz (Early 2009)
A1181 (EMC 2330) 2.13 GHz (Mid 2009)
MacBook Core Duo
A1181 (EMC 2092) 1.83 GHz
A1181 (EMC 2092) 2 GHz

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My son spilled coffee that got into his Optical Drive. I replaced the Optical Drive Bezel

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Went fine.

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Just follow the good advice from your site.