Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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How does the lid switch work?

I replaced the LED screen. Now the power button doesn't work. AC adapter is fine. Battery is fine. The power button actually worked a couple of times, but not now.

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vjlanter, the switch is a magnetic sensor activated by a magnet in the LCD bezel. The power from the motherboard to the Inverter, is cut off when the Display Switch Module is depressed. Use a magnet and swipe it sound the outside bezel of your laptop. You should feel when the magnet reacts to the one in the cover. Now you have the position in the lid. Move the lid to the close position, wherever the magnet position of the LCD cover meets the bottom case, is where the sensor should be located. It is entirely possible that you dislodged the magnet when you replaced the LCD. On some of the older models it was about an inch from the right hinge. Hope this helps, good luck.

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So, theoretically, with the bezel removed, there should be no "lid switch" action and the power button should work. Sounds like I need to tear it down to the power button. How do I remove the top cover/keyboard?


Not necessarily. If your lid switch is not functioning it may be stuck in the off position. Run a magnet along the outer edges of your laptop and see if that activates the switch. When you replaced you LCD, did you make sure that all your parts went back in the proper place? Any leftover's?


No leftovers. It actually started a couple of times after installing the LCD. Running a magnet over the switch doesn't seem to help.


How do I remove the top cover?


Get the service guide from here


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