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How do you replace a single key?


I'm in the unfortunate position where not only has one of my keys popped off, but one of the little metal teeth has broken too.

Is there a way for this to be fixed?

note: I might be off on the model number, but I'm going off what it says on the back of the keyboard

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If the "metal tooth" is on your keyboard and not part of the key, then it might be hard to fix a new key on here. Which would mean to replace the whole keyboard.

I haven't had the opportunity to take apart a newer keyboard yet so I'm not familiar with how they look inside, but I just got a new key for an old powerbook g4 from Perhaps you can find your key for your keyboard there and if possible you could replace it or the keyboard. I haven't checked here at ifixit either, so please do.

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You might be able to bend the metal back but if not then you'll have to buy a new keyboard. You can sell the old one on ebay for about $15 even though it's missing that key.

If you are able to bend the metal back, you can buy a replacement key on eBay for example:

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