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My iPod touch is not working after opening it

My home button was not working, I decided to open my Ipod touch to replace it with a button of another device.

While opening this, I removed the needed screws to access to the button.

But there was a broken screw I couldn't remove with a screwdriver cause it was round in (probably the guy that built the ipod has hustled the screw, the screw became round and so I couldn't use a screwdriver to remove it).

So I used a cutter around the screw to be able to remove the board (this screw was preventing the board to be removed).

I tried to proceed carefully to not break something.

I did my work and built the ipod again.

Now, I can plug my ipod to an electrical outlet: it seems to recharge as my charger have a small light showing wether it's connected to a device and it charges or not.

If I connect it to the computer, it isn't detected, even if I try to launch it or reboot it (means that's not a screen issue).

To long, direct read: The screen and the battery seems to work, that's not related to the button since plugging the ipod to an electrical outlet should turn it on.

Please help me to find what's wrong (where ?) and help me to fix it.

The only thing that could break something is that I cut around the screw but since I did it carefully, this shouldn't have caused a problem.

I'll try to post pictures when I get a chance.

Please help me, I really need to recover my pictures, my contacts and my meetings.


EDIT: Here are the pictures, I hope this is going to be useful

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


Here are the new pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Sorry if the quality is bad and if there is too much blur: I try to do my best.

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If you need further infos, feel free to ask.

By the way I cut around the the screw in the 4th picture: was there any electronic circuit ?

Please someone to verify, I maybe have broken a wire or a connection printed on the board.


Take a closer picture around the area of #4 image. It looks like interrupted traces, but it is very dark and hard to see. It is possible that you broken some of the traces on this multilayer board. To remove frozen screws or screws with a destroyed screw head, use extractor sets and/or a fine Dremel drill. That way you destroy the screw but not the board. With the close proximity of the battery, I would think that this is part of your charging/power circuit.


Please click on the picture #4 : it should quite sum up the situation.

I didn't break a wire of the battery but I could have broken a wire printed on the board.

I added more pictures, that's very hard to get good results with my camera not supporting close pictures.

Thank you for support.

EDIT: Will add them when the battery of my camera will finish to recharge


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The tinker, thank you for posting those images and it does help. I guess I was hoping you'd have a microscope. I am almost certain you removed the traces on your board. I would suggest to clean the board properly with isopropyl alcohol and use a microscope to determine the extent of the damage. You could try and use a trace pen and attempt to fix it or you could contact users like hectordtruong on here, that do board level repair.

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Is it possible to check if there were traces before ?

Someone having an Ipod touch 1st generation to check please.

By the way, I didn't shut down my Ipod when opening it, I fear it was hard shut down when I disconnected the two wires: can this be our issue ?

Thank you for support, I'll try to clean the board but I'm wondering how can I see anything since I only see a hole right now.

I hope hectordtruong will see this topic and help some.

I tried with a microscope and this isn't better, the picture is not bigger or clearer :/

I really need someone to check the initial connections (on a "fresh" Ipod) to allow me to repair them.


Those are multilayer boards, So you will really have to get a very close look. Here is hectordtruong's profile. I believe you can contact hi, by email.


I sent him an email.

I hope there will be more answers, especially from 1st gen ipod touch users, in case he doesn't own such device or had no idea how to fix it.


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I maybe found something interesting:

Block Image

Please click on the picture to see it closer.

The small part seems to be a wire I cut.

The question is the following:

Should I fill the hole with soldering iron ?

There are two cases:

-Only one wire was cut, the Ipod will work again

-More than one wire were cut: they'll be connected together and the Ipod will most likely not work any longer. (cause of a short-circuit that would break the whole thing)

Should I try it out ?

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Looks like a cut trace:) got the other end to connect it to?


I think so :D

Well, I'll fill it carefully with solder iron and we'll see what happen :)


Had a hard time to fill the hole and now, it doesn't seem to work :/


Remember multilayer boards may have multiple traces sandwiched in between layers, it is a very difficult fix (if it can be fixed at all).


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