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Broke LCD connector during screen replacement

While replacing the screen of an iPod touch 4, one of the pins broke off of the LCD connector (on the top of the logic board). The iPod does not respond at all to charging or pressing the power button--shouldn't I still get some response with only one pin broken? Is it possible I broke the ribbon cable for the power and volume buttons?

Thanks in advance!

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You probably have more than a single issue. First, once the pin is broke on the logic board, it's usually toast. I've only managed to remove and solder 1 back in with success and a lot of luck ... and I mean the whole connector, not just the pin. I did it with an old logic board that I snapped the pin off of when first worked on a touch 4g. <urk>

In any case, if you need to get some data off, you should still be able to disconnect the lcd cable from the logic board and plug the device in. Give it about 30 minutes ... since you can't see the screen ... at that time if you unplug the cable and plug it back in you should hear a beeping sound ... if you do, this means you can still plug it into a pc/mac and retrieve any data.

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I'd think that I'd at least get a distorted image with only one pin broken off. You're quite right, though, there is no way I'll be able to resolder it on--I lost the pin anyways.



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