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re-attach screen assy with clear tape

When replacing the ipod touch 4 screen/digitizer assy do I need to remove the black adhesive around the perimeter of the case? Looks butyl rubber. Does the clear tape sit on top of this or replace it?

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Jack, I think what you might be seeing is the leftover adhesive that is stuck around the case, it rests on top what looks like a 'black rail' that goes all the way around the inside edge of the case.

You should remove any old adhesive that may be left over which is stuck to the black railing. Once removed, it the railing will look a bit shiny.

You will need 3M 300SL adhesive, preferably die cut, to reattach the screen. You can find it here on ifixit or amazon search "ipod touch 4th adhesive", they usually sell packs of at least 5. I would HIGHLY recommend you get at least 5. I do repair's all the time and it's really easy to goof up the adhesive "gasket" when peeling it off.

I also wrote a review today on Amazon. Before you order, ask the seller if the adhesive has a white backing or yellow. I received in a kit of 5 with yellow backing, vs the typical white backing, and I couldn't get any of the 'gasket' part to lift off without the adhesive sticking to the back. I even tried heating the back of the last two pads with a heat gun to loosen the adhesive to no avail. All 5 were useless and I ended up hand cutting adhesive from some old 'white backed' pads that I had left over.

(and for the pro's, I couldn't even get the gasket on the 'yellow backs' to come up clean with an xacto).

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No, do not remove the black rubber. There is a special 3M clear double-sided adhesive made specifically for this device--you should use that to reattach the digitizer and screen assembly. (Look it up as "iPod touch 4 adhesive" on eBay or Amazon.) It often comes in the full size with the outer frame pre-cut but not removed; that's what you will need.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

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Country Computer Service makes this a bit more clear than I did...thanks!

Hope that answers your question. The only adhesive you will need to remove is clear and rests upon the black rubber/plastic.


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