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Does my battery cause extreme overheating?

Hey all, I have a six year old PowerBook which is still more than capable of handling my everyday tasks i.e. Photoshop use, web-browsing, viewing movies in Quicktime e.t.c (heck I even get to do a tad of video editing on this baby when it complies with me), but I have a problem. It over-heats to the point where I have to put it on a cold floor to cool it down sufficiently enough to work with it again. My battery can't work at all without the charger plugged in (it's pretty much fried), so I am aware that this is one of the first things to repair. Could this be the reason for all my overheating? Or does this simply mean that my fans aren't working correctly? Any help given would be great, as I don't want to hand my PowerBook over to a Mac specialist yet, just in case they try to bump me on how many things are wrong with my laptop, and then over-charge me. I thought coming to first would be a great advantage!

Thank you for all your time, and I look forward to any replies to this post!

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I would replace the fans with new ones (must be noisy and less efficient after six years of use), lift up the heatsink, clean it and apply fresh thermal paste over the processor then screw the heatsink tight. Once the top case is open it can help to dust off the internal parts with compressed air (dust can raise the internal case temperature specially if you're a smoker or have an animal at home). I would also take off the optical drive and do an internal cleaning using compressed air and isopropyl alcohol for the laser lens. It's like a car, you must open the hood once in a while to do a little cleaning, replace the spark plugs and the air filter

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Ater this amount of time it probably just needs the fans blown out. Get some electronic canned air, and open it up and blow it out. Here's how to open it: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1-1.5 GHz Left Fan Replacement

There are several other things you can do but this is the simplest. Download a fan speed program, new thermal paste. Check to see if the battery is splitting or swollen. There are cooling pads made for PowerBooks but overheating is a symptom.

info on dust:

check here under battery recall to see if the serial number of your battery matches those causing a fire hazard:

Go here for a battery with a 2 year warranty:

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Can you tell us what part of the laptop is hottest when it does this? Is it perhaps the battery itself that is getting hot? You might want to remove the battery and try the machine without it for a while, and it's possible you'll find that the battery is your only problem. There is a recall on many 15" PowerBook batteries, and one of the symptoms is that the battery gets very hot (and in fact potentially catches on fire and melts). I've pasted the link to the Apple recall page below. If the serial number qualifies, they'll send you a brand new battery in the mail in about a week. (And just an FYI for others, many white iBook 12" batteries, and many PowerBook 12" batteries also qualify for recall...I find that about 1/10 batteries I come across are eligible.)

Also, you didn't mention how much RAM you have, but a G4 with Leopard and only 512MB has to work overtime and can get hot, so if the fan & battery suggestions don't work, you may want to upgrade your RAM if you only have 512MB.

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Thank you for the replies, they are most appreciated. You're both right the fans are a little noisy too. The heat is the worst in the top left hand corner where the charger plugs in. The opposite side does tend to get a little warm, but not as bad as the left side. I currentley have 1GB of RAM (can max out to 2GB). Are the proceedures you mention above pretty easy to take on for a complete beginner like myself?

@Mayer: is it actually possible to use the PowerBook with my charger connected but with the battery taken out?

Once again I cannot thank you enough this was upsetting me as I thought I might have to say goodbye to my laptop, but it looks like there's a chance for it after all

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