iPhone 14 Plus Kernel panic recommendations

I have an iPhone 14 Plus that gives a kernel panic of 0x400000 wireless charging coil. There is no physical or water damage. The rear cameras and flash are not working but the wireless charging and mic on the flex work fine as well as everything else on the phone as far as I can tell. I have tried replacing the cameras and wireless charging coil flex and also tried restoring with the new parts but this didn't solve the Kernel panic or non-functioning cameras/flash. Flashing firmware fails most of the time with the cameras plugged in. Is there another part on this circuit that could be faulty causing these issues? What parts are required to be plugged in and working to prevent kernel panics/boot loop? Any ideas what could be going on? The phone is brand new condition with 100% battery health and its no longer under warranty so I'm lost on how to fix it.

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