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Shift key seems to be stucked should I change topcase only?

I spilled before 2 months coca cola on the keyboard of my macbook pro mid 2010(A1286 15''). I assembled everything and cleaned it with alcohol(ethanol). For the first minutes it worked well but then shift key was acting like it was always on. But after 5 days it has been fixed by itself.

My problem is that the shift malfunction appeared again, after 2 months(now I am using external keyboard). I am almost ready to order a top case? My question is:

Will it be fixed if change the keyboard only? Is there a chance of been a motherboard(logic board) problem?

How can it be the motherboard? When I am inserting the retail Macos cd it works like a charm, plus, right now i am using external keyboard and its fine.

I don't want to spend that amount of money and find out that is not the keyboard. I tried to find feedback on the web from guys that had the same problem but I couldnt find if they resolved their problem by just changing their keyboard(top case).

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this is 98% is becoz of top case. see if the external keyboard is working fine then inner keyboard is broken. you can buy the keyboard only from the ebay but for changing the keyboard only requires lot of patience and time. it has a lot of screws which hold the keyboard to aluminum case. you have both the options buy the whole top case or buy the keyboard only and change by itself.

see this :

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thank you Simran, yes it works fine with an external keyboard. I was thinking of buying top case, while i didnt knew that there is an option of buying just the keyboard. Appreciate the url and the answer.



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Before buying that new top case I would remove the shift key and really examine it well to see if the sticking key can be solved by cleaning, you really don't have anything to lose at this point.

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Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken, the Macbook pro design allows for a much faster removal of individual keys than the much frail Macbook. Thus I'd definitely give it a go. To be truthful, I'd give a go even with a Macbook with "bent out of place" keyboard, since it's already a lost cause, why not with a Pro?


Yes, I've done that, I have already removed the both shift keys and cleaned them. Furthermore I tried software for remapping the shift keys, but the problem persists. I don't think it is a dirt problem, but I don't know why after 2 months of the incident the problem appeared again! At least the keyboard without the case is a feasible solution in terms of price instead of a top case.


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