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Repair and disassembly information for Apple's Mac Studio desktop, released in 2023. Available with the M2 Max or M2 Ultra chip. Model number A2901.

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Burnt with flame and smoke

I got a mac studio 2023 m2 Max from USA and its been couple of months, I hardly used it. I powered off as i was busy for a week or so, then I tried to power on. It was tripping the inverted Circuit braker. I tried multiple times, as soon as I power on, power would go off. After few days, I found a socket that isnt connected to the inverter at home. I connected to it and powered on, Boom!!!! Flames with smoke, immediately I turned off the switch. Now its still under warranty. What could've gone wrong, and How much liable apple will be to fix it? I am worried about the costs involved of its not covered under warranty. I am still repaying my EMIs for this Mac studio

Update (06/19/24)

Its been a month, its with apple service centre. They opened and said SMPS is burnt but the damage could be more. What must be the cost i should be looking at if they dont cover under warranty? Just for power supply? Please help so I can think of options.

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The PSU was out to get you :(

If it is still under warranty it should be able to be brought to the apple store to get it fixed but depending on how long it took you to turn the power off and (hopefully) turn a fire extinguisher to it the damage might be too much to repair.

If the board is damaged then it would probably be more worth it to actually just get a new one because I don't think it is covered under the warranty because of the fire damage.

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Thanks for the response from your busy schedule. I am not sure of the state inside but outside it looks clean. I didnt have to use extinguisher. What worries me is why it got short circuit inside, if it was. If I have bear the costs myself then i would never get another as this was my first apple product and I dont want to pay again for the unreliable product. And i will keep paying EMI till its fully repaid.


In the case of a fire like that, Apple should replace it no matter what. its not good press if a mac burns down your house by accident. Extreme faults are usually covered even out of warranty.


@farooqps did you keep it in a high humidity enviroment such as a basement?


@hampter no. Actually its summer here in India. Not humid that can bring moisture into the mac. But I observed few small red ants moving around it when it was off and i made sure nothing was around afterwards. Could the ants be the cause? Mac was down for almost 4 or 5 days.


@betatechlabs none would be more happy than me if that would be the outcome tomorrow from the service centre.


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I do agree the Power supply failed. It’s possible the power at the outlet was higher than the power supply could handle. As for the ants not likely the cause and there bodies aren’t that conductive to create a short.

Hopefully Apple takes care of you. You might want to get a good UPS to help protect your gear from disruptions and surges.

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@farooqps - Without doing a detailed inspection and some voltage probing it’s only a guess!


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