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Laser printer made by HP. Uses the 12A toner cartridge, which produces 2,000 pages at 5% coverage. Rated at 15 PPM.

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Why is my printer not taking any command to print.

my is not printing any page. it's power supply is properly connected and it's light indagator is on cartages properly set in side and it's driver also installed in my pc but it is not working. and it is not showing any issue. this problem starts when I replace it's cartage.

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Lets start with the obvious trouble shooting/testing (forgive me if you've tried it already).

If problem started after new cartridge inserted, then test if OK with old cartridge. (Give it a few horizontal shakes before re-inserting). If it responds to the print command then suspect replacement cartridge. (I assume you have replaced cartridges before and are thus familiar with the correct procedure). [As you might expect, HP cartridges have a built-in chip that counts the number of prints and reminds you to replace the cartridge after a certain number of prints have been made. I7 It doesn't detect the actual amount of printing 'powder' (toner) that's left, but calculates when a certain pre-set number of pages have been printed based on an average toner used per page]. Now, if you are using a generic HP cartridge (that you may not have used before and which worked, then it might be that that particular cartridge's chip is non-compatible and is preventing the printer from recognising it and thus fails to respond to the print command.

Once the possible cartridge problem has been sorted out without success and the green printing light is on, just do the old switching off/unplug/switch on routine.

Still no-go, then the printing spool may be full. This happens when you try to print and nothing happens and you click 'print' again and again. Now check this by right clicking on your printer's icon, choosing PROPERTIES and clicking CANCEL ALL PRINT JOBS. You can also double click the printer's icon then SEE WHAT'S PRINTING and cancel all print jobs from here. If you don't have your printer's icon shortcut on your desktop screen, open CONTROL PANEL (just type "control panel" in the search box at lower left [I assume you are using Win10/11]) and select printers from the choices that come up. Double click your printer and follow above steps to clear all printing jobs.

While your printer's window is still open you can click on PRINT TEST PAGE and see if it prints.

If it doesn't and a diagnostic window opens, try it.

If none of the above solves the problem and you've tried uninstalling/re-installing the printer driver, then I'd check if the printer works on another device with the same printer driver installed.

[If you are unfamiliar with the above procedures, please leave a feedback comment and I'll run you through the process].

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