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Miele Powerline C3 Vacuum Cleaner Starts/Stops by iteself

I have a powerline C3 Miele which was working fine for 5 years. It suddenly has started a strange behaviour, which makes it unusable! WhenI swtich on it cuts out/ switch off after 10 seconds being on, then after few seconds it switches back on for another 10 seconds and it goes on like this (left it for 5 min or so, still does the same thing). I replaced all the filters, checked for any blockage (except inside the motor) and do not know what is is the problem? Anybody had similar issue with their machine??

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Our Miele Complete C3 Brilliant started to show a very similar behavior. Will now take it apart to see if can find the issue.


Thanks I hope all goes ok. Do let us know if you get to the bottoms of it.


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I would suspect a thermal cutout in the motor because of the timing of the on/off operation. That could because of overheating of the motor or a bad thermal switch. However, I would first check the easy stuff, like a circuit breaker, if there is one, the on/off switch and spade lug connectors.

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