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BOSE Radio AWRC-1G CD player won't play

Hi! My BOSE Radio AWRC-1G CD player will accept a cd, but won't play it. Everything else works just fine.

Is there any hope of repair or replacement?

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@pjeep could be caused by a dirty lens assembly. Start by getting one of the commercially available Laser Lens Cleaner and run it through a couple of times.

If that does not work consider disassembling your Bose and to clean the optical pickup with a moistened cotton swab with pure distilled vinegar and wipe it over the surface of the Lens. If you need to work deeper in your Bose use something like this Bose Wave Radio CD

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Thank you for giving me hope that I might be able to make it work again! I'm not knowledgeable about taking apart electronics - get scared off by the "electrocution warning" when you try to go inside. Any tips on that? Will try your advice and study the linked guide. Thank you!


@pjeep number one is to always unplug the device and number two is to not touch the boards with your bare hands, until the components on the board have been discharged. It is not as bad as they make it sound, just use common sense.


thanks again!


@pjeep its all good. You got this!


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