The mowing deck stopped operating.

I'm having a similar problem. Started earlier this week when mowing. The mowing deck stopped operating. No odd noises, no squealing of belts, just stopped operating. Nothing blocking the blades or belts, everything seems to be there.

I just went through all the steps above in the solution listing, and all operate normally (i.e, shut off when it is supposed to, stays running when it's supposed to). The engine runs normally, starts easily. I followed every step exactly. Twice.

I can engage the engine, drive from point A to point B, but the mowing deck will not engage via the PTO. Any other ideas for this? I don't want to have to take it to the shop if it's something I'm just overlooking.

Adding: All the connectors are tight, wires are unfrayed and unbroken. There are not obvious issues with any of the connections or wiring harnesses. The tank is full of gas.

Many thanks in advance.

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