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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by Hotpoint, an appliance manufacturing company based in the US.

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Display cannot be read, all the pixels are lit

Hello Together,

I have a problem, that after power on, the display shows no text, but all the pixels are being lit. Already dismantled display panel, checked the cables, also the flat cable between the control panel and display module, if any contact problems caused the error, but no results.

Interesting is, that if you know, which button how many times has to be pushed, to start a program, then the cycle starts without problems, so only the display does not show that, only all pixels are lit up.

Sometimes when machine is powered on, everything is fine, you can select the programs, all texts are visible and starts the washing cycle, but after some time, the same error happens again.

Thaks for the answers!

Type is: hotpoint Ariston FDD 10761 XR EU..

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It sounds like there may be a malfunction with the display module or its connection to the control panel. Since you've already checked the cables and connections, it could be an internal issue with the display itself. Given that the washing cycle starts correctly when initiated manually, it suggests that the control panel and other components are functioning properly. You may need to consider replacing the display module or seeking assistance from a technician familiar with hotpoint Ariston FDD 10761 XR EU models.

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