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The Skil Reciprocating Saw 9205 is a corded electric power tool with a 120V, 8.5 amp motor, designed for home DIY tasks including cutting materials like wood, metal, and pipes. Find detailed information and repair guides for this 4.5 lbs tool with a metal blade and variable speed capabilities, measuring 10.25 x 6 x 10.75 inches.

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Can’t access the blade area to screw back in parts 23 & 24.

Parts 23 and 24 have vibrated off the saw. How do I gain access to screw these parts back on?

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If this is a Skil 9205 Recip saw, you're saying that the blade holder has fallen off and, with it, the screw that holds it on. You can't reach the reciprocating shaft to reinstall the holder and screw. (I'm guessing here.)

Have you tried plugging the saw in and just touching the trigger until the shaft stops at the point where it is fully extended? You may have to try this several times before the shaft stops in the fully extended position. At that point, you should be able to push the blade holder over the shaft and put the screw back in. There must be some access hole for the screw else how would you change the blade? All this requires removal of the base plate which requires loosening the set screw that holds the base plate in.

These saws are subject to a lot of vibration and those two screws should be frequently checked for tightness.

Here's a link to an exploded view of this saw.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but even fully extended, the shaft doesn't come out far enough for me to have the room to insert the screw into the blade holder. When replacing blades access to loosen the blade holder is normally through the slot that allows the allen key to reach through and tighten and loosen.


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