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Il nuovo formato di Apple per la linea 14 ha uno schermo OLED da 6,7 pollici, come il Pro Max, ma le stesse caratteristiche dell'iPhone 14 con doppia fotocamera e chip A15 Bionic con una GPU a 5 core.

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My power button is not working.

I have tried cleaning button and came down to ordering part but I am nervous with the reinstallation process. Anyone have any idea where is connects to and where the cable is suppose to go?

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Even though iFixit doesn't have a Guide for this, we still have some resources to point you in the right direction. The connector the the power button is this one at the end of the top arm of the board.

Block Image

You might also be able to use this YouTube teardown to get a better idea of were it goes. This is timestamped to see where the cable is located, but the whole video can be used for an idea of layout.

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Thank you so much @flannelist this is perfect


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