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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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annoying buzzing noise when the screen is on

Hello! Does anyone experience an annoying buzzing noise when the screen is on and projects an image? Thank you.

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Me too. Maybe was hidden before with the fans noise. I think mine are 80% the CCLF tubes and a little from the inverter board. I don´t know if i´ll change them, (five= 18€ in Ali). We need 7?


@li33ol I have seen this that barely costs 8 euros and allows you to convert the CCFL monitor to LED, it is a kit for 24 inches. In the description of the article it says that it would only be connected to the controller board and that the inverter would no longer be necessary. I haven't had time to investigate further but it doesn't seem difficult.


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@marosa32 the "annoying buzzing noise" is caused by the multiple transformers on your inverter board. Not a whole lot you can do about it. Sometimes a bit of hot glue on the sides of them will help but it can't be eliminated.

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Thanks for responding. Why didn't they make noise before disassembling it and using it like a normal iMac? I checked the screen before purchasing any component to convert it to a monitor and it didn't make any noise. Best regards.


@marosa32 bring your brightness down and see if the humming changes. Increased workload will increase the vibrations. CCFL require a lot of current to light up


@oldturkey03 Thanks for the help and for responding. There was hardly any change.


@marosa32 did you have a chance to narrow the area where the humming comes from down? your CCFL's really should not hum. In principle, those are just gas filled tubes. It's whatever drives them that can hum.


Hello! Have you done the conversion to a monitor on this model? Have you used the original PSU? I located the hum and it only happens when the screen shows an image, from what I understand they are the CCFLs, it doesn't come from the inverter and from the psu you can only hear very little, which I imagine would be normal for any transformer.


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