Disassemble mouse wheel unit

The mouse wheel unit seems to have some dust or hair stuck in it, reducing the wheel's ability to spin. How do I take the wheel out to remove dust?

Also, while attempting to figure out how to do it myself, I removed a spring from the bottom of the unit. I cannot figure out how to put it back. I reassembled the mouse without it and it does not seem to affect functionality, but I'd like to put it back anyway.

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If it is the logitech mx anywhere 3 the Ifixit crew already have a disassembly guide here

How to Open Your Logitech MX Anywhere 3


I've gotten it open, but now I need to extract the wheel so I can get the crud out from under it.


@teh_maxh Seems that there are screws connected to it on step 8 in the guide.


Those screws attach the entire wheel unit to the circuit board. I need to remove the wheel from that.


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