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Weird MacBook Air 13" not starting


I just got a MacBook Air 13" from eBay. It's an old MacBook air from Mid 2012.

After opening the MacBook, I was a little suprised.

1. the battery connector has something on it, looking like solder.. unsure about it though

2. The ssd is completely missing and it seems, like the "holder" for it on the right side is completely ripped off.. Could propably just put anything there, as the connector on the left seems fine, but still weird...

3. There is a very weird wire running on the mainboard... Is that something "known" for some kind of fix for something? Or what could that be good for.. it seems like this goes to the other side of the board - I didn't look on the back of the board so far to see where exactly it goes...

Please see the images as well for details...

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Should the MacBook start without a hard drive installed, if everything else would be alright? Like at least turn on or have a fan spin? The battery seems to be charging - at least, that's what the MagSafe charger indicates...

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Is this a repeat of your earlier Q?


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The connector in your third image is not used, as such you can fully remove it. Given its location its not uncommon for it to get messed up causing issues! Carefully desolder it and make sure the pads are not shorted. I go one step further, I paint it with a clear lacquer to prevent the area from corroding up again.

I would start there. And no the system won’t boot as it doesn’t have a drive with an OS present. It will get partway with a blinking Question Mark in a folder icon. If you have a bootable external drive connected you should be able to boot from it. If not there is a deeper issue here (after you fix the connector issue I first stated)

The SSD blade drive mount screw mount is missing! The best you can do here is get a block of plastic cut to the correct height and large enough to glue to the logic board with out getting in the way of the components on it. Again that’s what I have done and once mounted and cured I then carefully mark the spot the screw is needed and drill it and tap it or you can press into the plastic a screw with a soldering heating it so the plastic melts a round it.

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