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The Dodge Stratus is a mid-size car that was introduced by Dodge in December 1994 and was based on the 4-door sedan Chrysler JA platform.

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Headlight left on warning bell

There's a few times that I've killed the battery because I've left the headlights on without realizing it my warning system met the headlights are on do not work what should I do?

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This sounds like something we'll need to look up a wiring diagram for, but we'll need the year and any relevant submodel/engine size information that could affect which diagram to use.

Please edit your question to add that information and we'll see what we can do to help figure this out.


2002 dodge stratus


Im going to look up manual


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RoyAllen, just to clarify, the headlight warning buzzer used to work and doesn't now, is that correct? As opposed to something like, you got a new car and it's supposed to have a buzzer but it has never worked.

I've been poking around wiring diagrams but not having a lot of luck; nowadays so much is controlled by the ECU; it's not like the older cars where there's a physical wire between the headlight switch and the buzzer; in modern cars both wires go to the ECU, meaning you don't know whether a particular function of the ECU will cause the buzzer to go off or not.

Anyway, I found an example where a guy with a Dodge Dakota was having the same problem you are; in his case he found that there were two wires going to the door switch and one of them was no longer connected, and that resulted in the headlight warning not working any longer. Here's the forum posting.

headlight-on reminder NOT working -

As a side note, it's actually pretty easy to make a headlight warning buzzer for yourself; you just need a normally closed relay and a 12V buzzer. The ignition powers the relay coil to disconnect the buzzer when the car is turned on, and the headlight power goes to the buzzer so if the ignition is off, the hot wire to the lights runs the buzzer. Here's the Instructable showing how to make it yourself.

Vehicle Headlight Reminder - Instructables

The two things I can think of to check would be the function of the door switch; does the dome light come on when you open the door? There's usually only one buzzer, so if it works for any other function like not fastening your seatbelt, then it's probably good for the headlight warning.

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Hey, @royallen.
Your best bet here would be a diagnostic reading obtained via an OBDll Code reader. If it produces a software error code, you can correct it via your code reader software. It should be a simple fix, I did it to fix my buddy's oil and gas tank lights that wouldn't come on at any point. It's a pretty simple fix, and only takes about 5 minutes. Good Luck

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You must be using a better code reader than I am, since exactly none of the consumer grade readers I've used have any capability to fix things like oil and fuel lights not coming on. I'd be interested to know what tool you're using and what it can do.


@dadibrokeit I've got an $80 reader off Amazon. I'd check the exact model but it's in a buddy's garage 2 hours away at the moment


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