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La versione allargata del decimo telefono di Samsung della sua serie top S, presentato nel febbraio 2019. Dotato di Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ won't turn on, tried new battery

The device is a Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U1. This is what occurred: my phone was charging while I was on a video call and then the screen/audio froze. The touch screen was unresponsive. The phone turned off. The phone felt a bit warmer than usual. I let the phone cool down and tried to reboot it and nothing happened. I tried recharging it and the phone doesn't respond.

Using a AVHzy CT-3 and a Fnirsi-C1 USB meters, I don't see any attempt to recharge/power up the phone. The meters read 4.9v and 0.1799A. The existing battery was drained so I recharged it to about 3.9v and the phone still would not turn on. I tried with a new battery from ifixit and the phone will still not turn on. I suspect maybe a capacitor/diode/IC has gone bad and I need to do some troubleshooting to get my phone to boot again.

I've seen the "8-4-1 Power On Diagram" on this forum but I need better schematics to be able to find a test point for AP_PS_HOLD to see if it is 1.8V. If anyone can supply me with schematics and board layout diagrams I would be very grateful.

I have a multimeter (Fluke 87V), Hakko FR-802 rework station, and a decent bench top power supply. I just need some guidance to isolate the problematic part so i can attempt a desolder/resolder from a known good part.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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Hi @juangutier39640,

I think that the AP test point refers to a pin on the CPU but I'm not totally sure about this.

Here's the troubleshooting section from the SM-G975F service manual that may help.

I realize that it isn't exactly the same model as yours but the startup circuit would be the same I think.

In Sect. 8.4.1. check if the voltages on the output of U12003 are all OK as this should mean that the input to AP_PS_Hold may be OK. If they're not then it may be the IC or the components mentioned that needed to be checked at that point.

I think that the AP test points are shown - go to p.62 Sect 8.5 service schematics to view them. To me they certainly look like the pin layout of a CPU as I mentioned above.

To locate the capacitors etc, download the file to your computer and then use the search function of your browser (Ctrl + f?) to find them on the board layout diagrams as you need to zoom in approx to 400%.

Unfortunately my eyes aren't that good any more but no matter how far I zoom in I still can't make out what is written on the AP points. You may have better luck. Also I've never found any Samsung mobile phone service manuals which have more details than this one as far as the schematics go. They all follow the same format, just different components etc

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If I got this right, it looks like AP_PS_HOLD is associated with test point TP8002. However on my board they are not present on the right side of IC UME4000 MEMORY as indicated by page 5 of the SM-G975F service manual. I see some possible test points on the bottom side of IC UME4000 MEMORY (prob different test point location for SM-G975U1). I ordered ultra fine test probes to check for voltages for IC U12003. Will update when I get the probes and check the voltages.


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