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Lanciato nel giugno 2009 / processore Core 2 Duo da 2,53 GHz

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Palm rest temp sensor (TsOP) issue

Hello, i have bought a macbook pro unibody 2009 2,53Ghz, with a broken screen.

When i received it, i tested it and everything was OK.

I order a new screen and i dismount every thing form the upper case.

Now , the screen is repaired, but the trackpad doesn't work anymore (Except the click on the trackpad) which is weird.

And, as soon as i boot, the fan runs at 6000 rpm all the time.

I did the apple hardware test and it says:

Temp (TsOP) - Palm Rest Temp:

Temp (TsOP) - Palm Rest Temp (Test 1) - Sensor Reads Within Operating Range. - Check to ensure that sensor reads within operating range.

Error - sensor is reading above the high limit.

- T E S T F A I L E D -

Do i have to change the upper case ?

can somebody tell me where the sensor is located ?

Best Regards.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm from France...

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Disconnect and then reconnect the cables from the uppercase to the logic board. Make sure they are squarely in their sockets and all the way in. Then reset the PRAM and SMC. Click here and click here for instructions on the resets.

Also look to see if there is any swelling on the battery.

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Which cables from the uppercase do you mean?


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This is insanity. TS0P is sensor inside trackpad cable; the cable going between the trackpad and the motherboard. Why are you people replacing the entire case over one stupid cable?

Further, TS0P shares I2C_ALS_SDA & I2C_ALS_SCL data line with other sensors, so it is possible that the webcam is pulling the TS0P sensor line down. Unplug webcam/wifi/bluetooth cable and see if you still have same failure.

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Louis is right. I repaired a 15" Retina Macbook Pro display and after installing it noticed that the machine was running really slow and the fans were booting on high. Hardware test came back with a TS0P error which is the trackpad sensor, but was able to narrow it down to the isight cable. Ended up finding that the iSight cable was pinched a little under the metal backlight cover behind the display. Fixed that cable and works like a beauty now.

Don't go through replacing the top case when you just "think" that it's the problem. Figure it out first! :)


After reading this, I went back and painstakingly redid my iSight cable connection on the logic board (I remembered it being a tricky one). After reconnecting carefully, all symptoms have vanished. I have my computer back again!


Why is it insanity when someone is told to check the connections on their system, they find a break in one of the cables and they replace the necessary parts? Most repairs are simple and the best place to start is with simple things like connections,. Most problems on these machines don't require board level repair, just a little common sense.


TS0P failed because of iSight cable here, too. Trying to fix or replace it... thx Louis for the hint!


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Worth noting...

(and Louis was right)

My solution: Unplugged the touchpad, restarted, still had fan+kernel_task throttled. So started to suspect the sensor error was a red herring. Proceeded to unplug and restart each mainboard connection in turn. I did every one including the display... then I finally did the iSight connector (the silverish one next to the speaker/sub connector).

PROBLEM WENT AWAY! (and hardware diagnostics report no problems).

I should have suspected this sooner as there was a busted cable (due to busted display hinge), but didn't know which one it was.

My brother's machine can now limp along happily for another several months with it's gaff tape hinge. ;-)

So just be aware that hardware diagnostics may LIE lie to you about that palm rest sensor (or at least fib a little, ignoring the root problem).

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Well ... Louis was 1/2 right here until you do the dirty work of correctly identifying what the problem is, one is reaching at straws. Your diagnosis is the correct one here for your system.


There's no lying here as it never told us to replace the trackpad! It is correctly reporting that it cannot read TS0P sensor. Armed with this information it's up to us to figure out why.

It could be bad sensor, could be bad pullup resistors on data line, could be bad smc, or bad webcam. Look at everything that comprises the I2C_ALS_SDA line and use process of elimination to knock out what is wrong.

Of course without asd this is a nightmare, so good on you for using the right tools so you weren't guessing! !

Then again, when the "straws" provided are "Unplug webcam/wifi/bluetooth cable and see if you still have same failure." and unplugging the webcam fixes it, not much guessing is necessary. Snarkiness understood, since ifixit loses sale of a top case ;) :p


I am facing the same problem. Do I need to remove the batteries to unplug the trackpad?


I unplugged the trackpad, fan still running and cpu throttled. So, i is not the trackpad sensor, right?

Where do I find the isight connector?

Macbook pro mid 2014


Found the isight cable. Unpluging did not solve the problem :/


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i just checked every thing, i dismount everything again.

I see that the cables from the trackpad is cut about 3 mm.

I think i found the problem. I'm going to buy an upper case with trackpad on eBay...

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You could have just purchased a new trackpad!! Or even the cable!


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iSight Disconnect Worked!

I disconnected the trackpad, cleaned it, checked cables and fit. Did PRAM and SMC as well. No change after Apple Hardware Test runs. Error message 4SNS/1/40000000: TSoP-128.000

After reading this post, I disconnected the iSight cable, and booted up my Macbook Pro 17" (Mid 2009; 5,2). First thing I noticed: No fans! Ran the AHT and found 0 errors!

I did notice both WiFi and Bluetooth were not present in El Capitan (10.11.6), although still physically connected.

Reconnected the iSight cable. Fans kicked in on power up. So did the error after an AHT run.

I'm going to try replacing the cables. Will report on it!

Some links that were helpful to me...

- iSight removal video. Helpful for cable identification and removal. However, I don't foresee having to remove the display entirely as depicted.

- Online sellers pricing at $5.45 to $8.45 for these cables.

Wish me luck!

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UPDATE: Apparently, to replace the cable, opening up the screen is a must. Called a local repair shop and they told me it's $150.00 (CDN) and two days for them to repair it. Given the price, I think I'll let the pros handle such a delicate fix.


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The same story , 2012 macbook pro i5 . Kernel task 600% everything slow . Run diagnostic ( Mac off ) turn on with "D" . , I got code PFM006 , Download "iStat Menus" app , and check what temperature sensor not show up. (rutracker torrent) Replays trackpad cable and vialy , everything work .

Thanks everybody .

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