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Released in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 is a mid-range tablet designed to take after the Samsung Galaxy A series phones.

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Why is my galaxy A6 not working charging or turn on

My galaxy Tab a 6 do not turn on but its not a blackscreen. Because when i turn it on it shows the charging battery symbol an the screen it is flickering and it stays like this. I looked for solutions but the only thing i found was the classic galaxy tab a series blackscreen problem.

here is an video to the problem i hope you guys can help. (The crack on the screen is not the problem)

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Things to try:

First, Check that your Charging cable and all connections are good and undamaged, clean them if there is any debris in the socket(s) (canned air will blow it out) The factory supplied or a known good charger (meeting the power needs of the device) and a good again factory or known compatible charging cable. Now, charge it for at least a half-hour and try the following steps:

1. Try A Forced Restart:

Press and hold the Volume Down and the Power Buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds until the home screen comes up.

2. Restart in Safe Mode:

Press and hold the Power button until the "Samsung Galaxy A6" appears.

Let go of the Power button and quickly press and hold the Volume Down button.

Keep pressing the Volume down key until your tablet finishes the restart.

(You should see "Safe mode" on the bottom left corner of your screen; Now you can let go of the Volume down button.

"Safe mode" allows only apps that came with the operating system to run so if this works uninstall any newly added apps most recently added first, one at a time until the phone works normally (reboots without having to use "safe mode".

If your Tab A6 still won't power back on, repeat the above steps.

3. Try Recovery Mode or Download Mode

The OS can become unstable and cause power problems, (I had an A6 that failed like this after an automatic update) Recovery Mode or Download Mode may clear up a software issue and might let the tablet turn on.

Make sure that the device is OFF. If it is NOT OFF this won't work:

Press and hold the Volume Up and the Power buttons. If the Galaxy Tab A7 screen displays, let go of the buttons. If the logo doesn't appear, skip to the next step, otherwise, if it is able to turn on, choices for Recovery will appear:

- Reboot system now

- Reboot to bootloader

- Apply update from ADB

- wipe data/factory reset

- wipe cache partition

With the Volume Buttons to move the 'highlighted" selection to: Reboot Now

Press the Power Button to execute it.

If the tablet turns on using this option; do a factory reset because it means there is a software problem. You can do a factory reset using the tablet’s "settings" if so.

If none of that works, try Samsung support. (They were no help to me, though.)

Good Luck.

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