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The eM350-2074 10.1" Netbook Computer from eMachines is a compact netbook computer with a 10.1" LED backlit LCD display. The system weighs only 2.4 pounds and is a about an inch thin when closed.

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Won't turn on unless plugged in

New battery installed, but won't turn on unless plugged in. The battery indicator is on when i plugged it in and is in 100 percent. I also ran a battery report and it seems to be good as it did detect it. Now the weird part is when i discharged this laptop a week a ago by removing the battery and holding the power button a couple of times, i left it in for a couple of days and when i boot it up unplugged it worked just fine, but when i plugged it again to charge the battery, it goes back to not booting up unless i plugged it in. If i unplugged it the laptop dies instantly.

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Hi @markangcos

Try measuring the voltage of the RTC coin cell battery on the motherboard and see what is shows.

Looking at images of the board it appears to be soldered on so presumably it is a rechargeable battery, but this doesn't mean that it will last forever.

What you did to make it work when on battery only, sounds like you reset the BIOS but I think that when you plug in the charger this somehow corrupts it again.

Be sure to disconnect the main battery before testing the RTC battery.

If the RTC battery is faulty (usually they're 3V but this should be marked on the battery itself along with the type number) search online using the type number to find suppliers that suit you best.

Update (02/03/24)

Hi @markangcos

I don't know.

All I'm suggesting is that the procedure you did to make it work on the battery only is akin to doing a power refresh and usually a power refresh is done to reset a corrupted BIOS back to its factory default condition.

It is the RTC battery that maintains the BIOS settings when the laptop is turned off and once its voltage levels falls below a certain point the BIOS can be come corrupted.

In most older laptops the RTC battery was a non rechargeable Lithium coin cell battery that usually lasted about 5-6 years after which users started to experience different kinds of problems due to the BIOS being corrupted.

Once the battery was replaced it mostly resolved they're issues.

In your case because the RTC battery is soldered to the motherboard (unlike others that simply plugged in or were inserted in a battery holder) it must be a rechargeable type.

The advantage of using this kind is that it would last a lot longer and would never lose its charge as it would be charged every time the charger was connected to the laptop or even from the laptop's main battery.

This is not to say that rechargeable batteries last forever as they also have a lifespan.

I'm simply trying to eliminate it as the cause of your problem. Once you can access it all you have to do is measure its voltage using a DMM (digital multimeter). If it is OK leave it alone if not replace it.

Here are some images that show where it is located and what it looks like.

Here's also a teardown video that may help to access it.

Block Image

(click on image)

Block Image

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Would a Bios reset fix this? I have no prior experience on tearing this down nor knows what a soldered rtc coin cell look like but I'll try


I just opened it earlier and i measured the battery its unplugged and it has 1v, should i plug this laptop ang measure it???



Connect the charger and allow it to charge the laptop for 10-20 minutes and then disconnect the charger and measure the RTC battery.

If it is OK it should be better than 1V but maybe not the full voltage (3V?) as it maybe hasn't been charged for long enough to fully charge it.

If the battery voltage hasn't improved then it may be faulty and will need to be replaced.

As stated earlier the battery type (or model) number is on the battery (or it should be) so search for that type number.

Before unsoldering the RTC battery disconnect the main battery from the motherboard. You don't have to remove the battery, just disconnect it so as to minimize any electrical problems from occurring when working on the motherboard.

There's always power somewhere on the board even whe nthe laptop is switched off. The power button is not a power isolating button. Its function is to signal the intentions of the user to the BIOS what to do i.e. turn on turn off wake etc

Take note (or a picture) of how the RTC battery is connected as it is polarity dependent i.e. check which is the +ve lead and the -ve lead tied to the battery (+ve is usually marked on the battery and sometimes printed on the motherboard connection as well) and ENSURE that the replacement RTC battery is connected the same way otherwise the RTC battery won't charge or work properly and may even be damaged.


@jayeff ,charge it eith the main battery disconnected right???, ill try it now thanks



No charge the laptop in the normal manner with the main battery connected as both batteries, main and RTC should be charged.

If the RTC battery is faulty it won't charge or if it does it won't be much


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